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Thoughts on Witch Hunter Robin's quotes

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After all these years, as I re – watched and finished the series “Witch Hunter Robin”, I just realized what she means by “Three hundred and twenty years since the Coven sank in the dark”.

It has appeared in the opening and episode previews. I never realized what it meant until Google told me.

Production year of the series is 2002. I then deducted that one by 320, making it 1682. And Google did the rest.

To my surprise, this came up:

The Bideford Witch Trials, the last witch trial to be held in England. It even had a commemorative plate that screams of injustice of the world and the only one that basically says “Witches are humans too”.

Given the theme of the series, it really fits in too well.

And I had come to appreciate once again the quote of "Everyone can be given a chance to change".


  1. assholio's Avatar
    I just found and watched the show a few weeks ago. I think it's very underrated, most people apparently have not heard of or forgot about it. I really wish it would get a comeback as it is around the show's 20th anniversary and think it deserves a second season.