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What Differentiates Russian Collectible Stamps From Others?

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Starting out in the stamp collecting hobby can be a little confusing. With millions of stamps being made each year, it is hard to determine which stamps are worth collecting and which are not. The truth is that if you like a particular stamp, it is worth collecting. Most experts will state that the thing that differentiates a collectible stamp from a piece of dirt is that the collector likes the stamp. There are a few things to keep in mind when collecting for profit however. If you are collector that collects for fun, you won't need to worry with these things. However, if you want your collection to be worth money in the future, you may want to pay attention to detail.

Hobby Russian Stamps

Some of the most coveted late Soviet stamps that were ever made are those that have pictures of cartoon characters or famous people on them. Collectors love these fun stamps and often rush to get them as soon as they are printed. You will find that Bugs Bunny and the Peanuts crew are among some of the most popular characters on stamps. Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe are also very popular. When it comes to stamps, sometimes the contemporary wins out over the others.

Antique Stamps

Some experts agree that hobby stamps are popular enough, but they argue that antique stamps are the real gems. Older stamps tend to be very coveted among the experts. Stamps from almost a hundred years ago are very sought after indeed. These stamps are often difficult to find however and are usually in very old collections. There are very few that were not processed through the mail. You can find these stamps at trade shows or through companies that specialize in stamps. They are typically very expensive.

Unused Stamps

There is argument over whether a collector should only buy collectible stamps that have been processed and postmarked or if they should only collect those that are unused. This is really a matter of personal preference. If you like, you can choose to buy only unused varieties. These can be a bit more expensive however, especially if you long for older stamps. There is nothing wrong with collecting on-paper stamps. There are methods for removing the stamps from the paper and they can add character to your collection. Some used stamps will not be worth as much, however some will not depreciate much at all.