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Christopher H2

I Completed the 1st Season of "Demon Hunterz". Onward to LunarFate?

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The First Season of "Demon Hunterz" is now available @ this website

It features a man teaming up with a beautiful demon hunter to defeat the heretical superpowers of New England.

Warning: If you support Feminism, DO NOT READ THIS STORY!! I MEAN IT TOO!!

The final chapter of the LunarFate saga called "The Scarred Stars" won't be available until next year. I'm working on setting up how I'm going to approach that story. It doesn't seem hard but it is. I'm also working on the Second Season of the "Demon Hunterz" saga next year, too.

UPDATED: changed the episodes to .docx format. Download and install Microsoft Word if want to view them.

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