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Bird of Hermes

Off to France!

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Going on holiday again, this time it's to Disneyland Paris with my girlfriend. We'll be staying there for an extended weekend.

It's our first holiday away with just us (and paying for ourselves, thank god it's super discount season over there and the conversion rate) but it combines romantic holiday in Paris with the sheer marketing power of Disney.

Anyways, see all y'all in a week. This gon be good!


  1. Five_X's Avatar
    Bon voyage, monsieur~
  2. 4score7years's Avatar
    Have a nice trip!
  3. Sunny's Avatar
    Bien s’amuser. ^^

    It sounds lovely. I hope you get to see the sights together too!
  4. SleepMode's Avatar
    With those two perks, hope you make the most from your trip!
  5. Iceblade44's Avatar
    Have a nice trip Hermes, hope you enjoy yourselves.
  6. Spartacus's Avatar