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Back in México

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I always get super nervous when it´s time for me to travel.

I mean, okay, I get nervous everywhere, and for just about everything. But I get particularly nervous when I travel.

There´s so many variables I can hardly control and I desperately want them all to go correctly, even if I can only control a fraction of them. The first time I came here, I missed a connecting flight. The second time, I didn´t pack enough clothes appropriate for the season. Etc.

But so far, closing Day Four of a 9 day trip incredibly happy with no terrible disasters yet. I only get to visit my boyfriend 2 or 3 times a year, so it´s important to me to make them count. I´m staying in Culiacan right now for awhile and it´s been every bit the highlight of the year I hoped it was going to be.

Highlights so far? Other than the obvious and biased answer of seeing the one most important to me, probably seeing Coco with its Spanish dub and having a new cosplay outfit tailored while I am here; last time was Mashu, this time is Hinata from Naruto.

I still want to do D´eon, but they are tentatively on hold until I figure out how to acquire a decent replica rapier that doesn´t look vastly far removed from the source.

I´ll probably upload some pictures in the end, not that many are interesting to anyone other than me, but it´s been a happy little trip and for the first time in what feels like quite awhile I am a pretty happy Sunny overall.



  1. 4score7years's Avatar
    That's so great! Hope the rest of your trip was nice!
  2. Sunny's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 4score7years
    That's so great! Hope the rest of your trip was nice!
    Thank you muchly! It was absolutely magical...