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Daydreamy Side of the Moon

Thanks for nothing, flu vaccine~

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Stayed at home sick today. Apparently my mom caught the flu and by the miracle of unregulated Christmas family get togethers, so did I.

So of course, I did what any reasonable person does in that situation - force myself to sit at my computer sniffling, sore, and grumpy, working on a story idea for a Grand Order and/or Fate/EXTRA story arc setting and writing a bunch of sheets I know full well I will never, ever ever use. I'm not quite done yet, or else I'd post them up here, but we'll see what tomorrow's fever dream brings.

There is probably something (more) wrong with me, lol. At least it was a nice distraction, though.

...Darn you GO, I had better get that Nightingale on Sunday to make me better, or else.

Updated December 26th, 2017 at 11:03 PM by Sunny



  1. Bird of Hermes's Avatar
    Getting sick over the holidays is the worst, hope you get better soon.

    Good of luck getting Nightingale too!
  2. relt's Avatar
    I hope you get well soon and good luck.