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Nameless king

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Character Image/Faceclaim:


True Name:-
AKA: The gentle king, Nameless king
Alignment: True Good
Place of Origin: ???
Height/weight: 1,78m, 68kg


NP: ???

Likes: Music, friendly people
Dislikes: Diseases, see other people suffering
Talent: Leadership, good at comforting people
Natural Enemy: Angra Mainyu
Attribute: Earth or Star
Traits: Male, humanoid, pseudo-servant

Class Skills:

Magical resistance E

Personal Skills:

Unyielding Will A++
The skill for those who don't give up on their ideals.
This King was created for one single desire, his only objective in this world. Once discovered his true meaning, nothing can stop his will.

Battle continuation E+
Do not give up easily. This is the maximun rank a human without any special attributes can reach.
The King do not have inhuman strength or resistance, only unmatched will. Even if his limbs are sliced apart, while the heart still beats, he will fight.
"I-I... will carry (coughs blood) your burden too..."

Stoicism B++
The ability to resist high amounts of pain. His essence was made with the will to "carry the burden of all humanity", but this human vessel has limits.

Awakened Origin: The Gentle King EX
His special skill. Using this, he can absorb all "burden" upon a human. Any disease, madness, excerbated hate and burdening regret. Everything is locked inside his body, however his unyielding will and stoicism give inhuman resistence to all this. He can carry enormous amounts of ''burdens'' without let it hinder him.
This can cure fisical wonds too. In this case, the King will feel all pain and weakness due the cure or regeneration.
"Even if I call it 'burden', I do this because I like helping others. There is no burden on me at all"

"Hey, you know the story of the gentle king? He was truly the most gentle king. He gave land and riches to everyone... until the kingdom had nothing more. Everyone got angry at the king, but he accepted all that hate."
Stories like this exist since the dawn of humanity.
Many good kings ruled. Conquerors, philanthropists, wise and peacefull kings.
But, still, the people dreamed of the ''ideal'' king. The one who would grant good lifes to everyone, one who would distribute riches and lands to the people, one who would achieve everlasting peace.
One who would lift our burdens
For the people, that would be the duty of a king.
This ''ideal'' created many stories, from childish to epic ones.
Yet, this "gentle king'' never appeared.

Deep inside the mage's association, a confidential research took place. A certain group of magi tried do develop a way to construct and control powerful conceptual weapons.
After many years they developed a way to access the throne of heroes, using it as a databank, to summon a part of the ancient heroes' spirit origin: their legendary weapons. But summon something so powerfull isn't easy. Failure after failure, the strain of summoning always killed the subjects. So the researchers expanded their horizons.
The forbidden spell used to awaken origins.
Using the power of an individual's origin, a path can be created between him and the throne of heroes, making possible to summon a part of a related spirit origin.
Several years developing leaded to a prototype, called "void genon". An artificial circuit that use the individual's origin as catalist to force a summon. Theorically, it works, but a prototype is very unstable.
The information leaked, and another group of magi tried to steal this prototype. The theft failed for little, and after several coincidences the void genon was found by a 17-years-old boy. In a situation of life-or-death, he was forced to use the void genon in himself.
This boy wasn't a mage, didn't even know about the magi world, but his dorment magic circuits was forcibily open for the first time when his origin was forced awaken.

But the prototype void genon didn't work as expected, or maybe the boy's origin resulted in this...
Instead of using his origin to summon a weapon, the boy gained the ability to do such with others.
Touching the chest of any other person, he can use that person's origin to summon a weapon, but without waking completely said person's origin.
Maybe there was an error in the prototype's development
Maybe that kid's origin influenced the artifical circuit by any mean

That was what everyone thought.
But, in truth, the void genon worked better than expected.
Summoning a whole servant inside the boy. Much like a pseudo-servant.
But, as that servant was an incomplete existence, it didn't even have a conciousness.
"They say that this servant is a king"
The ability to
parts of
was the noble phantasm of this nameless servant.
After several events, the boy discovered the truth and the true meaning of this hero's legend.
It's the king's duty to carry the burden of everyone
And with his origin awakened, this became his objective.
He became a king

This discovery unlocked the true form of the noble phantasm.

"What I'm always hearing in this ipod? It's my favorite music group"
A man with no enemies.
Now the ''boy'' have 20 years-old. His peaceful and gentle face exhales a trustworthy atmosphere. If he sees anyone suffering because of a disease, wound or disability, he will help said person with his powers unhesitating. He can help people with emotional problems too, but usually don't
"Even if it hurts now, it will become a part of you eventually. This will help to define yourself later. I can't take this from you".
He can't hate anyone, but that don't mean he loves every human. If someone is making other person suffer, this someone will be his opponent, but never enemy. All this calmness and honestity affects the people around, instigating their peacefull and honest side, so much that even criminals will find difficult to lie to him. The gentle and mercifull king will help and forgive anyone.
"I can't control myself, I have to help everyone"
Even with all this, he usually is a bright person and easy to go on with. Everyone who stay a while with this king will find themselves sharing secrets with him.

Arthuria: "I can see you feel like you did wrong things, but don't worry. There is nothing to repent at, you did the best you could"
Emiya: ''Your eyes... they say that you know the burden of saving someone''
Altera: "Eh?! You are Attila the hun?! I didn't think the scourge of god had so many... curves. No, wait wait! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Someone save me!"
Spartacus: "You have a strong will, don't you? Eh? I-I'm sorry, I can't understand..."
Frankenstein: "Here, here (pat head) Don't worry, I won't call you a monster"

Burden of the right hand
Power of the king

Type: ???
Rank: ???
Range: 1
Max Targets: 1 per time, can store up to 10 artifacts

"Don't worry. Leave everything to me, I will always carry your burden"
The right hand of the gentle king.
His right hand is made of pure black crystal. It's nothing more than a solid mass of magic circuits, capable of summoning and storing a partial spirit origin instantly and without ritual.
First, the King stare right into the target's eyes, as if seeing his very soul.
Second, he touch the target's chest, as if reaching his heart.
A bright light involves the King and the target, as the crystal hand pulls out a formless mass of black crystal from that chest. When outside the body, the mass of black crystal takes form.
It can be any weapon or artifact from any hero in the throne of heroes. From magical rings and armlets to legendary swords and bows. Different people have different origins, so you can get a different result with every one. The artifact have all the powers of the original, but suffer a penality of two ranks.
The target don't feel anything aside a short pain and a "emptiness" after. There is no side effects.
The crystal hand can store these spirit origin too, so he can "unsheathe" it anytime.

Craft essence

'It's the king's duty to care about everyone'
Even if this is a borrowed ideal
I still see some beauty in it
I think someone said something like this one day...
But still...
This is my way

Creator Notes: I am with the "collective hope of humanity-thingy" in my head now, so this is the only thing I can write.

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