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Nameless king (kid)

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Character Image/Faceclaim:


Class: Caster
True Name:-
AKA: Nameless king (kid), Gentle heir
Alignment: Lawful good
Place of Origin: ???


NP: ???

Likes: Childish stories
Dislikes: Bitter things
Talent: Optimism
Natural Enemy: -
Attribute: Earth or star
Traits: Humanoid, male, pseudo-servant

Class Skills:

Territory creation (kingdom): A
The ability to create a territory advantageous to oneself as a king. When in this territory, all stats are increased, based on the territory's rank.

Personal skills
Unyielding will D+
The skill for those who don't give up on their ideals
As a young kid, this king still have doubts. This is only equivalent to a childish dream, not even close to the absolute resolution of ''the other one''.
"This is my way! I-I know it is..."

Charming youth B
The disposition as a pretty boy who attracts people.
It works as a fascination magecraft-like effect regardless of gender, but it will be abated so long there is a will to resist.

Signs of a king C-
The level of a subject's talent as a king.
This kid has the essence of a king inside him, but the skill go down several ranks due to his many doubts about this way.
"Come with me! Let's save then!"

Awakened origin: Gentle heir D
His unique skill. Different from ''the other one", this kid doesn't understand completely his own way so can't use the full potencial of his powers.
In part, this is a weakened version of "gentle king". The kid can't absorb person's burdens, but his presence can comfort people. Everyone around will feel a weak peace of mind, momentarily forgetting their own burdens and pains while enjoying the kid's presence.
And one more thing. Maybe because of the kid's misundestanding, or because this is from an alternative timeline, but this skill can create territories.
As a gentle heir, the kid can ''convince'' people. That people won't follow him like in the ''charisma'' skill, only subconciously ''accept'' him as a king through his actions. The more people accept, the greater the rank of that territory.
His kingdom is the people's faith
"Please, help me to grant that king's wish..."

This version came from an alternative timeline.
"We... will succeed! We have to..."
Many dreamed of this... A way to bring the legendary ancient artifacts to the present... but it's too much greed.
The void genon's development wasn't advancing. They ran out of...
Guinea pigs

The method used to awaken origins was too violent, every volunteer was killed instantly by the strain.
So, immersed in despair, one of the researchers tested one prototype in his own son, a 7-years-old kid.
That prototype forcibly opened his circuits and tore his DNA to awaken the origin. All that savagery caused convulsions and the kid entered into a feverish sleep.
In his dreams, the young kid saw a cloud
Between the green trees
A cloud as formless as that servant's concept
Who are you?
In the vast ocean
That cloud was a hero
No, this isn't right... you're not formless
flying in the blue sky
Yeah, it was more like "too many forms to be discernible"
You have a dream, right?
In the throne room
The formless cloud have a desire
That's a great dream... alright, I will help you!

When the kid awakened, he saw a strange sign in his right hand, and a great power inside his chest.
has awakened, and an unknown
Gentle king
heroic spirit
was summoned inside him, like a pseudo-servant.
Yet, he is still a kid. The burden of a king is too much for him, as the doubts still fill his mind.
"Is this really the right thing? I can do this? Is this what that
wanted? Am I doing right?"

"But still, I will do my best!"
His bright and cheerful personality won't let him give up

Outside, a bright child
Inside, a mind tormented by doubts
Even still, he don't let that doubts hinder him. This kid will always do what he think is right, saving everyone he can, trying his best at every situation.

Noble phantasm
Void Genon MkII
Power of the king
Type: ???
Rank: ???
Range: 1
Max Targets: 1

The power to use one's
Materialize one's heart
summon parts of spirit origins
. The noble phantasm of the incomplete servant summoned by the artificial circuit Void Genon.
First the king need to stare directly at the target's eyes, and pull a crystal mass from their chest. When outside the body, the crystal mass takes form.
It can be any artifact from any spirit in the throne of heroes, from armlets to swords, but the artifact suffer a penalty of three ranks. Every person gives a different artifact.
The target feel a hard pain, as if getting his heart ripped apart, then pass out until the artifact is returned.

Creator Notes: I didn't had any cool idea this time... But the alter version will be better.

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