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Nameless king (alter)

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Character Image/Faceclaim:

Class: Berserker
True Name: -
AKA: Nameless king (alter), Merciless king
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Place of Origin: ???


NP: ???

Likes: Peacefulness
Dislikes: Mages
Talent: Killing
Natural Enemy: Mages
Attribute: Man or Star
Traits: Humanoid, Male, pseudo-servant

Class Skills:

Madness Enhancement A
The inversion of the original servant's desires and personality caused by the corruption in his essence provoked
intense madness, but as this is a pseudo-servant, the human vessel suffer little influence.

Personal Skills:

Monstruous strength C+
The skill of those with strength surpassing human's limits. This was obtained with modifications in his body.
"This is one characteristic of this cursed body. You say it is very usefull, but I would exchange it for a normal body unhesitantly"

Instinct C-
The ability to ''feel'' the best course for oneself during battle, like a "sixth sense".
This skill wasn't developed from combat experience, but 'awakened' from the primitive part in his DNA.
"... Oh, sorry, you tried to surprise me, right?"

Battle continuation D
Do not give up easily.
Because of the modifications in his body, he can resist otherwise fatal wonds.

Awakened origin: Uncertainty D
This is a passive skill. With this origin awakened, his very being become an ''uncertain'' existence. Things like his vital signs, magical energy, blood pressure, biothermal control and even bio eletricity are unstable. For any motive, this don't affect his functionality as a living being, but spells and technologies that view or analize these signs don't have effect.
Even machines don't see him as a human.
"I don't know at certain what I'm doing... I... only wish to live peacefully..."

"It's more like 'too many forms to be discernible' "
The gentle king
An idea created by many different wills through history. No one knew a 'form' to this king, there wasn't a single idea, a single concept stronger than the others. That's why he is an incomplete servant.
Without a counciousness, because it never had a brain.
Without a personality, because it never had a face.
Without a voice, because it never had a name.
The only thing in his essence is a desire.
Carry everyone's burdens

As an essence born from people's hearts, his only ability is 'manipulate' such hearts. More precisely, what is inside these hearts
That's why a summoning system so incomplete as the void genon can summon an entire heroic spirit.

There is no reward without sacrifice

It all happened in a single christmas.
His oldest memory is pain.
Not a common pain.
Was as if grashoppers were inserted inside all his body.
As if every cell was ripped apart.
As if every bone was transmuted to dirt.
As if every neuron was rolled like a sew line
As if his very DNA was tore apart.
Then, it came.
The formless cloud, between the green trees, inside the throne room

The only thing the man in pain could say was
Help me
The cloud looked at him,
If that thing had eyes
And, for the first and last time,
The cloud talked


No one can never know why that 'cloud' accepted the contract. It probably knew what would happen...
The man in pain waked up, instantly grabbing someone's face.
He was in a white room, with a few men in white around him, with bloody tools in their hands.
When his hand touched the man in white's face, that man turned into black crystal and shattered in pieces.
"Where am I? How did I get here?...
Who am I?''

There was no time to question, he knew that had to escape this place.
He was like an animal, a predator.
Faster, stronger and more resistant than any human, he killed anyone in his way.
And, there was that strange power...
Anyone he touched turned into black crystal and shattered.
There was none memory in his head, but could feel the power inside the chest.

The first prototype, Void Genon MkI, was used in one of the most notable voluteer.
In the beginning, the researchers knew that the prototype was too savage, so, instead of re-developing it, they tried to ''modify" the volunteers.
Using all types of taboo magecraft, they modified the subject's body, strengthening then in several ways. Going as far as manipulating the DNA. Many subjects died in the process, the survivors showed signs of amnesia.
But the tests was aborted when a certain subject escaped the research facility, one day before the christmas eve. That subject was tested with the prototype Void Genon artificial circuit.
After this said subject caused several incidents, always attacking magi associated to the association and related facilities with great savagery.

A taciturn man.
He likes silence. Never would attack someone without motive, sometimes shows gentleness. Maybe something in the original essence induced this? It's dificult to get near him, but if he likes you, will do anything to not let you be harmed. The king do not remember anything, even his own name.
"Hey, don't come near me. If I touch you, you'll die"
He sweared vengence against any mage. In battle, his merciless side rouse. Don't matter if is a mage or a simple soldier, if it stands in his way, will be mercilesly destroyed.

Void Genon MkI
Corrupted Power of the King

Type: ???
Rank: ???
Range: 1
Max Targets: 1
"Please, don't come near me"
The power of the king is only a formless essence. Once obtained, is easy to transform and convert it.
It still holds the ability to
materialize one's heart
summon parts of spirit origins
, but the essence was tainted by the vengence and uncertainity.
The power ressonates with the target DNA and magic circuits, inducing a type of cancer that transform the body into crystals instantly, the king only need to touch it. The more magic circuits the target have, the more agressive the effects, but still works on non-magi people. This power cannot be deactivated.
The target feel massive pain, as if all his cells was ripping apart.

Creator Notes: The other ones were the ''shitty stats, powerful skills" type, so this was different.
I worked really hard to make this 'nameless king trio' the better I could, and personally I'm very satisfied with the result. Maybe they are my best sheets. What do you think?

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    You know, you can just post them in the Modern Servants Thread here. It's better than just posting them onto the Blog section.
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