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Little Overview

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This are Projects im working/i post later:


Dukretia "Lilith" Karura , Kudrastistihra Indrasti

"Enigma" versions,Jimmu (as servant series),Loki (Archer and Avenger),Menander, Nofrusobek(Caster),Ptah(Caster),Narkar /Geb Ruler Pseudo-servant,Koschtschei


Greek deity Series of Hafes and Poseidon.

To finalize :Suhrawardis Noblephantasm and Herodot

Some Diferent Stories

Koga Dingir Sainsworth,The Lengmin-Family,Nickolas Volkov,Kryori Satsuki,

my Tugarin as Kayneths servant,Fate Reteh-qabet,Fate Hokaido Jiken

Finished :


Standby location:

Puruli shell HattiUriah the Hittite

Title: The Agent of the Anatolian Gods , The Hethit
Height:180 cm
Origin: Israelic Mythology
Alignment:Lawfull Evil
Attributes:Men,Earth,Brynhildr beloved
Weapons: Armor ,Sword,Spear
Other Qualifying Classes:Saber,Rider,Lancer

Lostbelt Infos:

Alligiance: Canaanitic Side
Position: General

Strenght: B+ Endurance:B
Agility:A Luck:C
Mana:B+ NP:EX





Oblivian Correction:A+++
The betrayal of the Man he once swored loyality and took his Wife aswell in that no of his Comrades objected or informed him has left and encompassing hatred and grudge on whole Israel from now on shall his Blade soak in the blood of his once thought Comrades and friends , especially the sinestre Schemer that played the facade of an Saint , as he will and wants to destroy everything that those Man stands .

Self Replenishment:A+
by the power of his Hatred that drives his goals and through the blessings of the Gods of Hittites does he collect every moment great amounts of Mana which when he activates this skill causes that he is engulfed in a Black Flame like Mist .

Avenger: ,D
Despite the great betrayal did he never was seen as Culprit ,instead as pityfull victim of the Event ,thus his low RAnk.

Magic Resistence: B+
He lived in the Age of Gods further is his durability enhanced by the blessings of the Anatolian Gods. So is he specially resistend against Thaumaturgues of Anatolian origin aswell against Levantic origin

Riding: A+
HE was amongst the finest Men of David and was amongst many things an Experienced Horse Rider ,further does he as Agent of the Gods of Anatolia is now enabled to tame even Phantasmal Beasts .

Personnal skills:

Renaicance of ones Ancestry (Hittites):EX
Is the crystalisation of ones reembrance of ones Ancestrious Heritage ,as he was an Ethnic Hittite that lived in the Canaanitic Lands during the Conquest of Israel , however he now after his Betrayal has fully embraced his identity as Hittetic people . This skill is in practise similar like Imperial Orivilege however instead of Royal Right is this denoting his birthright as child of the Hittitic Gods as such was he given set of skills tha the has a right to use amongst other :Knowledge of Folklore and History B+ ,,Sanctuary Creation (Huwasi) A, Hittitic Thaumaturgy B+,Hurrian Divine Words B ,Indo European Arcane Arts C ,....

Eye of Mind : B+
His famed skill undiluted by his hatred does he possess and use hhis great martial proess as one of Davids (former) most trusted and strongest Warriors has he obtained great skill as Warrior.

Saint-Slayer: B+
Despirte he was no active part in the demise of David ,were the Guilt that that Ruler caused for himself and cost his peeerlessness aswell di caused his downfall was Uriah the central CAuse so was he awarded with this unique skill which bost his Damage output he causes on Saint type Servants aswell does it reduce the Damage he receive from the mentioned servants aswell from Attacks and Objects that are Holy .

Mana Blast(Hatred) : A
Unqie and special Mana blast type that was burn of his Tremendous Hatred that was born out of his Grudge , Wrath and Hatred that his downfall caused its an lingering but devouring Mix of negative Emotion that is manifested as Black mist like Flare that can take on severral forms from Mist that enshrouds him and lets him cloak himself so that just his hatefull presence is felt as he can flood an entire Hall with the Mist then can it manifest as Black flare that poisen and burns anything it touches it causes black burns that are like his hatred engulf and fester on the object . Then can it manifest as black mud like liquid .

All Forms are carring the damage properties namely the accidic and burning attributes aswell that the Vapor like essence is carring the SAint Slayer attribute as such are the effects on Saints even more pronounciated as the combinationn is causing that it virtually eat though the holy protections and as such does it effects are similar defacto to at the boundary like skills and especially against one particular "Saint" does it has nearly deadly atributes .



Hassan i Sabah

Titles: The Second Coming of the Original Hashashin , Hassan of the Demon Crystal , The Zoroastrian Hassan
Height: 193 cm
Weight: ??
Alignment:Lawfull Evil
Attributes: Human
Weapons: Khanjali type daggers ,a persian Sabre ,his Armor and Mask
Other Qualifying classes :Caster,Avenger (under specific circumstances like irregularities of the summoning ritual),Grand Assassin candidate
Likes: The Bathing in Wind ,the smell of Flowers,piety and honesty of ones heart
Dislikes :spinless Cowards ,the kin of Angra Mainyu,
Talents/Hobbies: Stealth and secrecy,the art of Assassination ,Being outside and spectate the Environment (unobserved)


Strenght:B Endurance :B
Agility:A Luck:C+ (B+)
Mana:B NP:A+


Chapter One
The Story of the Man started with an Boy that was Born in a Sect of worshippers of Angra Mainyiu in which he was drilled in their dark practises until he was tasked to assault an Temple of Zoroastrian Priests ,so did he that at first and invaded it and he attacked the preists there and killed several members as then he wanted to kill the Old Highpriest happened upon the plea an Miracle the century old flame resonated and iluminated the Temple and /or a pillar of Light cloaked the whole Sanctuary and He saw in the Flame an Divine Manifestation in full Glory which resembled a in Shining Armor clad Horse Rider which asked him why he attacked his worshipper and why he obeyes the orders of Angra MAinyu he stated " Angra Mainyu will lead the world and Humen to ist destined place and to reach this Goal it is neccesary to execute atrocious deeds and hellish exertion and everrything that stand in the way is an onstackle that must be exterminate "was he shouting the Young Man with full religious(or indocrtinated) Determination as then the Apparition answered ,

"You are full of Determination but this Determination is corrupted as you are leading the world just in ist demise like the other followers of him you are like the other before you that should be tainted by his Curses and Darkness until you are prisoned just like with Zahak who was tricked by him , so tell me Young Boy would you say those Humen are just "Obstackles" like you said ?"

and was showing him manifestations of he persons he has killed from yesterday aswell the interactions of the Adults with the Young Apprentices ,he saw how peacefully the Mature priests were with the apprentices , that they laugh with each other and remembered how it were in his Cult where Violence and infighting between the Trainee was commonplace . Then did he fll to his knee and noticed that he was wrong and mislead and asked for mercy at the High Priest and the divine Manifestation and did out of guilt start to cry ,the Priest was wiling to it but he said that he cant go against Ahura Mazda decision . The Divine Figure gave him his pardon but demanded that he atone for that in return so did He at first helped to bury the killed and started to receive their teachings and it was for him at first a Alien like experience to see the light of the Sun ,being touched by the gentle wind and to experience the smell of Fresh Flowers aswell the kindness to each other were for him not used impressions but he were though happy to have a home in some sense did he feelt guilt so after he reached 17 . year of his life made he the decision after he safed some childrenn from an other Cult member ,to purge the Angra Mainyu Cult as form of atonement aswell to ensure that no one fall victim to it .

So did he aproach the base of the Cult and oath on those he falsely took their lives to avenge them and to ensure hat this Cult doesnt spread his poisen in the world so broke he in the Base which although it were years as he cameback did he knew the Building perfectly and took out every Member until he was faced by the Cult Leader which where a heavy and difficult enemy to overcome as he summoned Dark Serpents and other Dracoid beings but he was able to defeat him as he as he used on Gem he got from the High Priest that was lying centuries in the holy Flame to unleash Ätes that burned every member and Dark Creature aswell defeated the Cult Leader and although were he aswell engulfed was he left untouched and his injuries were healed then did he took the treasures of the Cult and gave the secluded Zoroastrian Temple an great part and he distributed the Gold and jewels of the Cult around the Areas to the poor People that hungered aswell did he in disguise spread in the vilages the rumors of an "Dark Helper" or "Assassin of justice" and some Locations wher those in peril could bring their letters or other embassies ,he didnt showed himself from the majority of the populaze of the Region as he were still unworthy to Show his face but he acted after their Problems and solved them like to dispose of a tyranic vilage leader which took the beverage of his vilagers and defended them with Mercenaries so did he in one night assaulted the leader , his mercenaries and broke all Doors so that the vilagers could take what they needed .

He himself took shelter in a cave high in the mountains and keeped just small amounts of Gold or Food just the absolutely neccesary for his own life it goes without saying that the tales of an "helping Shadow" in the eastern Regions did reached the ears of the Hashashashin order which wer at one side intrigued and at one other were in Need of an Leader as the elder members didnt saw any of the actuall Members as worthy of the Title Hassan i Sabah so did they traveled to the mountainous Region were they asked the vilagers after the mysterious Guardian like they called him ,but at he Question if anybody has seen him personally could they only head shackingly deny as theyr only way to communicate with him are certain spots outside the vilages like one at a certain Rock Formation ,a small Stone Arc , one in a smal Forest Grove or one at a certain River example wise where they ocasionaly left some Food or signs of gratitude there but the most of them were oddly enough returned to those that placed them ,only at one time as one Young Boy or Girl came to one of the places and cried strongly did he showed he himself and asked personally what Problem he had ,did the Child answered that one jealous Man wounded their Father heavily and abducted their Mother ,he then was walking aside the child and he dropped a healing balm and told him to treat the wounds of its Father and then did he vanished without a further trace ,the next day did the Child heard a loud knocking on the Back door and as he and the Father looked after did they found their Mother/Wife unharmed lying on the Ground conciousless and as she woked up did she told them that she was by the Man and his other Friends humiliated and shortly before they tried to rape her were they surprised by the "Guardian" which finshed all of them of and used a sort of Magic or other abbillity to put her to Sleep as he then told her to be calmed as he take her back to her Family.

Chaper two
Regardless which Vilage they visited and which vilager they asked was this the sole Story of where he showed himself ,they Elders were affirmed that this Man is worthy to be given the title of the Leader . So were they discussing how they should come in contact with the Man ,so did one of them suggested to investigate the "Contact-points" to see if they are able to gain some clues so did they look at the different places after certain traces but they were not any traces that could give them some hints so did they decided to sit down on one of These Points to pray in the hope that he would appear ,and indeed did they noticed that they were spied upon from him as even if they were not at the Level of a "Hassan" were their abbllities and experience not to be understimated ,but he didnt approached them as he feeled that they are suspicious as even from time to time wandering Merchants or travelers passed through the Area did he noticed that they are searching after something or more likely after himself so did he withdraw from the Scene and decided to not take action as misunderstanding from his side and they could be also perhaps just lost travelers .

But they decide to be persistentso that they visited the place for whole three to four days ,he noticed that unmistakeable they are searchin g after him so landed between their feet an Dagger with an paper letter on it as they opened it did they read ,

"What are you searching and why are you desire to meet me Forreigners ?"

THey then answered that they are from an old order that has set ist order to Keep the balance oft he world by slaying those that deviate from this path and that they havent any member that would be worthy to inherite the title and Position of their Leader and that they need his power and prowes for this Goal as they lacking what he possess , upon Hearing their reasoning and speech did he raised his voice ,

"I feel flatered to be selected in this Position but are you truly strive to thisGoal as several orders ,cults but the most are deviate and instead go after their own agendas and desires ,like there are some that are in the grasp of Angra Mainyu,so give me a proof of your Faith …! "

was he saying to them in a voice that echoed through magical Hall and sounded almost like that of an inhumane spirit then a human as e wanted to directly confronnt their worldview ,and they looked at each other and one of them fall to their knees and exclaimed that tthey Need help as there is a Demonlord whichs door to his realm is Opening and thatt they arent capable of defeating him ,so did this member bowed down to the Ground with his orehead touching the Ground with his voice full of fear . He feeled that his reaction was geniune and earnest so did he stepped and appeared before him as they looked up saw they a big and athletic build man cllad in dark greyish speckled cloak and his Face covered by a sceletal Mask which had resemblance with an predator animal . In General did hed gave of the Impression of someone that lived ascetic like in the mountain range but not out of Need but self chosen as they for a split second thought to have discovered the "original Hassan" as he gave of such an immense aura .

After they regained their breath did they discussed with him some Topic About The order and he accepted the offer but said them that he must before he leave pass an embassy upon These vilages as he will not be able to protect them have they now to use their own strenght to grasp the path to harmony so did created some Stone artifacts he let appear in the vilages with certain embassies that are encrypted in a way that the vilages need to coperate with each her to decipher it.After he placed them one important places withhin the vilages told he the three Hashashin members that he Need one Day to make himself Ready so did he after he collected his few belongings like Equipment and one Stone-Carving he got from the Zoroastrianic temple which gave him strenght to continue during the years aswell did he installed a holy fire in the cave so that the cave becomes for the Vilages lower in the valleys a sort of protective and Blessing giving Point aswell did he created a bounded field that should ensure that only those which are worthy to follow in his feet tracks as "Guardian of the Mountains" reach the cave as he there left some instructions and a small embassy for the Person which should happen to be his succesor ,then after the Day did the trio waited for him on the Mountain passage he told them .

So did he reunited with them and they started to travel back to the orders Base were they walking through mountainous paths the three members had difficulties like their travel to the mountain area where the Guardian operated ,buut he himself had barely any Problems instead did he grasped the leading Role of them as he were versed in the art of Survival as he explained that he mostly lived from the Food he gathered in the sparse higher mountain Areas and eated just small amounts of Food during his missions that the beverage is dont lying in the Hand of one Person (like mentioned before) or that he denied to accept the Food offerings of the vilagers as he knew that mostly the poorest are giving him something which they would need more then him. As they need days to cross the the mountains and the Elders witnessed first-Hand the leader ship skills of him and they were pleased though he was rather silent and didnt answer the most Questions they asked him ,but despite that they knew not much about him did they trusted him as he had countless opportunities to abadone them easily but he he saved them several times and displayed genuine earnesty and wisdom both Attributes befitting Hassan i Sabah".

As they reached a critical mountain pass happened it that a moraine was Hunting down the Mountain as the three Elders were stunned at the shock did He not hesitated as he runned towards the rock Avalanche and drawed his Sword and as he waved it did he caused a massive windblast that pushed the Rocks apart and then did he slashed into the Moraines mainbody and then did it stopped its movements. The Elder Members were impressed by this feat and after they regained their sense did they continued ,the pass they crossed should for the next decades be the only one were after that no Avalanche or Moraines …

As they reached the end of the Mountainous area the feet of the mountains did all of them saw an Giant Eagle like Bird fly from the plain area towards the Mountains and it holded an animasl in ist claw that hade a Long trunk .The Elders where spechlss and wondered which beings those were (The Giant Bird and the Prey) but he identified it immediatly and was thinking,

"(a) Rukh the Bird from the old world of the times of Rostam that they exist still today is astounishing but it also means that the decision is made shall be rightfull as that means that this world is still full of Goodness …"

As the three others were still thinking on this extraordinary sight (who can blame them to be honest) did he raised gently hiis voice and told them not to worry as this should only mean that their decision was right and that they shall have the Blessing of the higher spehre which they calmed did they reached after … circa three weeks the Base where they were welcomed by the order ,they were scared of his appearnce but withhin days did the members of the order noticed that the soon to be next Hassan ( candidate) possesed a not Cold hearted personality though he was still not most social Person has they could understand that he was unused to directly interact with the others further enhanced that their were a light speach barrier as he had to learn the Arabic language as he spoke in persian aswell one other language they couldnt even gave a Name .

After the barriers of languages became non existent did they full understand the wisdom he holded and that he helped them if the other members needed help but he were stil a rather aloof Person as he were still not used to direct interact or speak with others aswell as he still was Feeling guilty . As the three Elders had recovered themself from the travel did they disccussed their impressions with the other Elder Members and the holded the unanimous oppinion that the decision was right and as the Chosen one was already setlled in did they started with his formal lecture where he learned their hidden arts aswell their cultural Knowledge so that he is able to dive into the large crowd ,he displayed great skill in every field and started to give hints of his own Knowledge and skills which greatly ton in with the old teachings .But the time of his commitment should slowly start…


Demanor as Servant

Demeanor towards Master


other Hassans:

First Hassan:

Hassan of the Cursed Hand:

Hassan of Serenity:

Persian Rulers:

Kyros the Great:

Shappur II:

Kay Kawus:

Zarathustra :

SAber Alter:

Angra Mainyu:





Presence Concealment: A+

Assasssin classkill ,it allows the hidding of ones presence , as he was trained as Assassin in his younger years in a deadly Assassin Spelllcaster cult did he possesss extraordinary stealth skills honed by the feeling of justice and the duty he excerzised for years .

Magic Resistence: A
by product of his Crystal body aswell the fact that he himself was a capable Mage and combatant which fought succesfull against Wielders of Age of Gods mysteries has earned him this skill modern Mages are for him no great obstacle .

Personal skills:

Teachings of the Holy Flame:A

Are the teachings and knowledge of the Zoroastrian Religion as well as their Sorceries as the priests of Zoroastrianism were also called Majus, the root of the Mages.

These teachings could also be called "Zoroastrian Sacraments" but in their case the Sacraments are no true materialistic relics (though there are some) but the Holy Flame Atar that was the creation of Ahura Mazda himself and which learned the priests to build in themselves also one to be ready to invite the flame thus invite the Enlightenment in them.

Beside that it also includes the teachings of the Sorcery with spirits but over the course of the development of Zoroastrianism this part became increasingly specialized in the contractcraft with the Yazata, which are according to the lecture of Zarathustra the offspring of Ahura Mazda. Beside the spiritual aspects like Ritualcraft and the Sorcery were included certain physical "arts of movements".

Assassin himself was lectured in a Zoroastrian Temple werer he learned the teachings and secrets of the still with Age of Gods Sorceries knowledgefull groups that passed down teachings from the times of the Sasanian Rulers and much back into the past .

actually would he have a far lesser rank but through the personal blessing of Ahura Mazd a was this skill elevated uppto Rank a but its true offensive capacities are equal to Rank B+. It allows him to control Fire and create it in a similar manner of Mana blast though it can he manipulate it in much finer variation . further is he fully immune against any type of Fire below direct Divine Authorities . Like he can charge within and through a Hellfire Inferno that would melt metalls or through inextinguishable Flammes completely unharmed not even a thread of Hair or cloth of his cloak are singed . Mana blast Flammes or even Noblephantasm are no exception so is the dodging of such attacks not neccesary .

Shadow Obscuration:B+
Skill he learned from his taeachings withhin the sect worshipper of Angra Mainyiu the manulartion of shadows , due to his rather tensed relationship with that part of his past does he only use it to conceal his skills and Noblephantasm from Clairvoyances and instead let see them instead false informations aswell can he use it to control shadows and darkness in various ways but he rarely if ever makes use of it.

Arcane Arts Specialisation:B
Denotes the Familiarity andcapability in many thaumaturgic Fields in contrast to the Magecraft skill are mysteries of the Age of Gods included . Further at Rank B is the Servant able to qualify for the Caster class. In his case doese he possess several variations of Sorceries namely at first persian Black arts and curses passed down in the Sect of Angra Mainyiu worshipper , Zoroastrianic Spirit craft amongst the priests of the Zoroastrianic Temple , old from Babylonian origin passed down Spells , some magical brewery , a specific Wild sorcery that shares similiarity with Shamanistic Sorcery .

Abnormal physique (Crystal Body):B
Is the Sublimation of ones non mundane Anatomic construction , in his case is it a obtained abnormity namely the byproduct he obtained as he defeated the Crystal demonlord ,namely as he used his true version of Zabaniya did he afterwards as side effect obtained its Crystall Armor , as he couldnt reveal the secrets of his Zabaniya did the Assassin order later told over the centuries that his own version would be this defensive technique he should have obtained however this isnt the truth . His major body surface is covered with a scale like crystal armor which


Zabaniya :Febrile Inspiration



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    These masters are for the 'create a mage' thread or for a fanfiction?
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