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Ruler: Nameless king (F/GO version)

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AKA: The gentle king
ATK: 1,198-8,848
GRAIL ATK: 9,142
HP: 1,987-13,345
GRAIL HP: 15,243

SKILL 1- Cooldown 7
Unyelding Will A++

Grants self guts status (1 time, 5 turns) Revive with 1 HP. Charges own NP gauge [Lv.1]

SKILL 2- Cooldown 8
Stoicism B++

Recover own HP for 5 turns [Lv.1]. Greatly increase own Def for 5 turns [Lv.1]

SKILL 3- Cooldown 7
Crystal hand EX

Remove debuffs & greatly recover HP [Lv.1] for all allies except himself + remove buffs for all enemies + apply curse (500 damage, 5 turns) for yourself [Demerit]

Passive skils

Magical resistance E
Slightly increase your resistance to debuffs

Awakened Origin: Gentle King EX
All debuffs on this servant can't be removed & Increase healing effectiveness.

Noble Phantasm

Burden of the right hand - Power of the king
Rank: ???
Class: ???

(jump to 2:13-2:45)

Greatly increase own ATK (1 turn) <effect increase with overcharge> + Deals massive damage to all enemies [Lv.1] + apply curse to yourself (1500 damage, 5 turns) [Demerit]

Character info:
Originally, a common boy with no knowledge about the magi world, only by coincidence that boy injected the artificial circuit 'Void Genon' in himself, gaining the ability to summon legendary artifacts direct from the throne of heroes.

NP: ???

Bond 1
Height/weight: 1,78m, 68kg
Origin: ???
Region: ???
Aligment: True good
Gender: Male
Age: 20
A kind, bright man. His crystal hand stores ten ancient artifacts.

Bond 2
In the Mage's association, a secret research tried to create powerful conceptual weapons. After years of development, they created a prototype, called 'Void Genon'. An artificial circuit that uses the person's origin to summon a weapon from the throne of heroes. After the information leaked, another group of mages tried to steal the prototype, failing for little. After several coincidences, the Void Genon was found by a 17-years-old boy

Bond 3
In a situation of life-or-death, the boy was forced to use the void genon in himself. That boy wasn't a mage, but his dormant circuits was forced open for the first time, when his origin was awakened.

Bond 4
But the prototype didn't work as expected. Instead of using this boy's origin to summon a weapon, he gained the ability to do such with others.
''Maybe there was an error in the prototype's development'' was what everyone tought, but...

Bond 5
In truth, the void genon summoned an entire heroic spirit inside the boy, like a pseudo-servant. That spirit was an incomplete existence, so it don't even have a conciousness. The power to summon
Materialize one's heart
parts of spirit origins using one's origin
was the noble phantasm of this nameless servant.

The gentle king, the one who would carry our burdens.
The various stories of a ''gentle king'' created this servant's essence. It doesn't have an appearence or even name, is only the personification of many stories. That's why it is an incomplete servant.
The boy who summoned him is now a man, with the single desire to carry everyone's burdens with his powers. After choosing this path, he don't have any doubts. A man of unmatched will.

Battle start 1:
Don't worry, I will carry your burden too

Battle start 2:
Leave everything to me

Skill 1:
Hmm... Maybe if...

Skill 2:
Oh, this is it!

Command Card 1:

Command Card 2:
Leave it to me

Command Card 3:
Hm? Oh, yes.

Noble Phantasm Card:
Well, I think I will borrow everyone's power for a bit

Attack 1:

Attack 2:
Take this!

Attack 3:

Extra attack:
Please friend, lend me your power!

Noble Phantasm:
I think that's it. I will have to use the power of someone else one more time, to defeat you... But don't worry, I will carry your burden with me.

Damage 1:

Damage 2:

Incapacitated 1:
Well, that was a good life. Let's go, King, our desire is fufilled.

Incapacitated 2:
My only regret... is to not see your face one more time... my love...

Victory 1:
My job here is finished. Now, master, if you don't mind, I will hear music for a bit.

Victory 2:
Whew, that was hard.

Level up:
I wonder what that King would say about this...

Ascension 1:
You want me to change clothes? Why? I'm stinky?

Ascension 2:
Whew, this will help a lot!

Ascension 3:
You're sure this is necessary? I mean... you're not wasting other servant's resources on me, are you?

Ascension 4:
Thank you, master. Maybe now I can reach my objective.

Conversation 1:
C'mon, master. There's work to do

Conversation 2:
What I'm always hearing in this ipod? It's my favorite music group...

Conversation 3:
Yes, I had a lover long ago. Where is she? She is dead now. No, don't worry about this.

What I like? Well, there is this music group I love...

What I dislike? Diseases and disabilities, certainly. They just bring pain to people, and I can't allow that

About the holy grail:
An omnipotent grail that grant any wish? Haha, that's funny. But even if something like this exists, it would be useless to me. I don't have any regrets nor wish I can't grant myself

During event:
Hmm... something is happening

Yaay my first F/GO-style sheet.
And please, if you're going to comment, say something about THE SHEET. I'm tired of people saying "this should go in the modern fiction thread"

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