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So, as I pray...

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Last Thursday I went to a promo event of some paint company (Liquitex I think? There was free beer. It was a good event.)

So I took some paper and a handful of acrylic markers and drew the first thing that came to mind:

hahaha I'm such a weeb


  1. LJ3's Avatar
    You are an artist.
  2. aldeayeah's Avatar
    given free beer, I'm many things
  3. Sakuraba Haru's Avatar
    no red sky 6/10
  4. aldeayeah's Avatar
    Bear with me, I only had blood red and magenta. In fact I had to borrow the magenta and the yellow from some kid.
  5. mAc Chaos's Avatar
    That's a pretty good drawing.
  6. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    The bloody footsteps are a nice touch.
  7. redkillerhood's Avatar
    I'm commenting really late but dang this is a really good picture