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And then I woke up

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Originally posted in The Literal Dream Thread, reposted here for archival purposes.

* * *

I dreamed I was in my parents' house, except it was the Spanish Civil War.

I went for a walk in my old neighbourhood, with a stick (bow?) as my only weapon.

But there was an enemy officer (nazi-looking guy) near the bus stop! He fired his Luger at me.

However, I went into bullet-time mode and dodged the whole magazine.

Counterattack! I pursued the enemy, with my stick in tow.

But more enemies appeared, so I ran back home seeking political asylum (sic).

At home, my brother was gaming in our PC, and I hid under the bed.

And then I woke up.

* * *

Another time, I dreamed I was sitting on the doorstep in front of my uncle's place.

Fidel Castro was sitting by my side, looking forlorn (he was alive back then).

So it turns out world peace had been achieved. Big treaty signed, armies disbanding all around the world, the whole thing.

And in celebration, there was a huge parade in my hometown, and that parade was about to reach the spot where I was.

But some hooligans next to me set off a bunch of firecrackers and people panicked.

Apparently, the commotion was such that the whole world peace effort was undone by this simple fact, as a military-looking dude on TV said.

So I turned towards Castro, and told him "You must do something about this, Commander!"

He closed his eyes and shrugged.

And then I woke up.

* * *

A third time, I dreamed that I was waiting for my friends in the street, leaning on a guardrail.

Then Death showed up in front of me.

She was actually a cute gothy girl, but I knew she was Death (think how Death looks in Sandman)

And she was coming for me.

So without hesitation, I grabbed her and tossed her off the guardrail to a 4-meter fall, and ran for it.

After I while, I found my friends. They waved at me and I went with them.

But she (Death) was with them! However, they were treating her as though she were a normal girl.

A very awkward moment followed. We both tried to small talk, with her staring daggers at me (understandable).

I was drenched in cold sweat, wondering about her intentions, triying to think of a way to warn my friends.

And then I woke up.

* * *

I had these three dreams while in middle school/high school.
Even after 20 years, I can vividly remember scenes from them. That's very unusual for me.
Also, they were all set in the same geographical area (what was my neighborhood back then).

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  1. aldeayeah's Avatar
    I've had many other unusual dreams.

    I've had dreams where I saw myself in the third person, as in an RPG. I watched myself die poisoned in one of them.

    I've had dreams where I was not a character but just a point of view (think of the experience of watching a movie).

    I've had dreams in which there was a prominent narrator voice, separate from my own.

    I've seen my older brother spontaneously combust and die horribly in front of me, then woken up with the sickest feeling (he's OK).

    I've had those dreams where you find yourself restrained, and struggle, and wake up flailing.

    I've had that dream where you fly/float/glide/fall from the sky.

    I've had wet dreams, both straight and gay.

    I've woken up in the middle of a dream, then fallen back asleep into a continuation of the dream (you were right, Bedivere).

    Dreams are weird.
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  2. Mcjon01's Avatar
    “I dreamed I was in my parents' house, except it was the Spanish Civil War.”

    Wow stealing the opening line of my novel not cool
  3. aldeayeah's Avatar
    1. what
    2. Pay me royalties