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bored while I wait for Anastasia.

  1. Ciel's trump card is the Seventh Scripture.
  2. The Burial Agency has seven members. (plus one reserve)
  3. Seven Masters and Servants are chosen for the Holy Grail War.
  4. It takes seven Guardians to restrain Primate Murder.
  5. "Thou seven heavens clad in the three great words of power / come forth from the Ring of Deterrence, o guardian of the balance!"
  6. Tohno Shiki is from the Nanaya (七夜) clan and his knife's name is Nanatsu-yoru (七ツ夜)
  7. The Atlas Academy is said to have seven superweapons.
  8. Atlas issued seven contracts.
  9. Van Fem made seven giant golems.
  10. Arcueid uses seven-tenths of her power to restrain her blood thirst.
  11. Berserker was killed seven times by Caliburn.
  12. Archer's Rho Aias has seven layers.
  13. Kara no Kyoukai had seven main releases.
  14. Justeaze Lizrich was the seventh head of the Einzbern.
  15. You embark on a quest to find seven grails in the first year of Fate/Grand Order.
  16. The seven greatest heroes of their era qualify for the Grand Classes.
  17. Beasts are the seven evils born of humanity's bestial nature.
  18. "Children of God" born to the Sakatsuki clan become normal humans at age seven.
  19. Aozaki Aoko and Hisau Maiya were both born on July 7.
  20. There are seven rounds in the SE.RA.PH Holy Grail War.
  21. "Seven Heavens Artgraph" is another name for the Moon Cell.
  22. Shiki cut Arcueid 17 times, into 17 pieces.
  23. Roa reincarnated 17 times.
  24. It took Mashu 17 tries to make her Valentine's Day chocolate, and she had to go hunting for ingredients 27 times.
  25. There are 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors.
  26. Emiya Shirou has 27 magic circuits.
  27. Lancer broke 27 of Archer's swords.
  28. Emiya Kiritsugu used 37 origin bullets before the start of the Fourth Holy Grail War.

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  1. Rafflesiac's Avatar
  2. Canon's Avatar
    Like abused spouses, we return to suffer
  3. Nikiri's Avatar
    BL2.0 startup date is 03/14 (03+14=17)

    am i doing this right
  4. Arashi_Leonhart's Avatar
    great now talk about left arms
  5. SeiKeo's Avatar
    the numbers mew
  6. Snow's Avatar
    Wait didn't Shirou swallow the ruby precisely because he has no circuits and whatever he did in his shed meditations doesn't really qualify as a circuit?
  7. mewarmo990's Avatar
    Yeah Snow. He has real circuits too but they're not open for most of the VN, I think Rin only opens them in UBW.
  8. Snow's Avatar
    For some reason I misremembered what Rin explained when she made him swallow the candy tin ruby in UBW as it forming a sort of substitute circuit. Could be I'm just mixing up stuff from various parts of the novel.
  9. mewarmo990's Avatar
    Haha it's been over 10 years since I gave it a full read too.
  10. Arashi_Leonhart's Avatar
    She forces him to swallow a gem in Fate to toggle his circuits.

    In UBW he did it himself while fighting Kuzuki and then Archer stabilizes it in the shed the next evening because Shirou's been fucked up all day from it.

    Also seven centimeters off according to Archer.
  11. mewarmo990's Avatar
    yeah, that.

    added a few more thingies to the list