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King of Padoru

How to guess what swimsuit Servants we could be getting this year

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Yes, it's April and there's still some time until summer, but there are people talking about Halloween on March, so who cares? The thing is that I couldn't sleep well last night, so I had a look at random FGO videos on Youtube. At 2AM or so I was watching for the 1,000,000th time a video about Berserk Nobbu's attacks and NP when I noticed that there was a pattern in both summer events. Here it is:

  1. God(-tier) organizer: The one to start all the stuff, and the free 4* we get in the event. We've had Shishou and Ishtar so far. One is a goddess and the other one is a god-slayer. In other words, they're god-tiers.
  2. Divine Caster: A Caster highly related to a Divine Spirit.Tamamo is literally Amaterasu, and Nitocris has her army of Medjeds. Both have animal ears, too. Probably another requirement for the role.
  3. Monster girl: Of course we have monster girls in bikini, we're talking about Japan (not saying it's a bad thing, tho). The first year we had our cutest stalker, Kiyohime, and last year we got Fran-chan.
  4. Boob monster: Yes, those are natural. They weigh 2 kilos each, and they're bigger than your head, but they're natural. Remember that sex change existed in the past (thank you, Merlin), but implants didn't. Anne and mama Raikou were the ones to appear here.
  5. Flat: The universe must be balanced. All that "useless flab" must be countered with a smooth chest, or else Guda(k)o will die crushed by an excess of big tits. The first time we got magical idol Marie, and last year she was replaced by Blavatsky with General Grievous' vehicle.
  6. AAAAAAAAAAAARTHURRRRRRRRRR!!!!: This wouldn't be Fate without our King of Knights, would it? I'm not even going to bother remembering you what versions appeared the last times.
  7. Saberface #2: Just in case you don't remember this is Fate, here you have another Saberface, courtesy of Nasu. So far Mordred and Nero have been shoved here.
  8. Is this a motherfucking Jojo reference?!: Good grief, it was obvious that this would happen... If you think about it, Fate and Jojo aren't very different: people summon spirits to fight, a blonde asshole who wants to rule everything influences an evil priest... Anyways, you can choose between Martha and her 「TARASQUE RORA」 DA and Nobbu with 「SKELETON PLATINUM」.

Well, that is all. Seeing this, I've made up a list with who we could be getting this year:

  1. Organizer: Quetzalcoatl/Ereshkigal
  2. Divine Caster: Queen of Sheba (supposing it's necessary to have animal ears)/Xuanzang
  3. Monster girl: Atalante/Carmilla
  4. Boob monster: Kiara Sessyoin
  5. Flat: Penthesilea
  6. AAAAAAAAAAAARTHURRRRRRRRRR!!!!: Mysterious Heroine X (the Lancer version would overlap with Boob Monster, so pass)
  7. Saberface #2: Okita (not biased for having done a sheet of her at all)
  8. Is this a motherfucking Jojo reference?!: Cleopatra (SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!)

Feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments.