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The Suicide of Julius Caesar

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After doing quite a lot of reading, I've come to the conclusion that the assassination of Julius Caesar may have, in fact, been a strategic suicide on Caesar's part, a reversal of the plot of Cassius Longinus and Junius Brutus. I believe that Caesar intended this suicide after some contemplation as a pragmatic method of creating an empire or ensuring lasting political power in Rome.

I'll write up a full pseudo-essay later on, possibly tomorrow.


  1. Spinach's Avatar
    Oh boy, this will be good.
  2. deviatesfish's Avatar
    I thought this was about Five_X suiciding... I need to get some sleep.
  3. hero's Avatar
    Tell me more
  4. Satehi's Avatar
  5. Five_X's Avatar
    Silly Fishie, I'm not Caesar. Not Julius, anyhow. Augustus was the better ruler.
  6. Sherrinford's Avatar
    Good luck with the essay.

    (Ohnonononono now the jokes are coming to mind... but no, really, good luck with it!)
  7. SeiKeo's Avatar
  8. Five_X's Avatar
    Eh? Silly Leo, I'm basing this only on historical fact! This is not random speculation, not at all.