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For a friend. I assume this already exists somewhere but this was easier than hunting for translations.
Made up a word for 異聞帯 which I don't think is very good, but it still beats Fake News Cycle which was my next choice.



A mechanical, female voice:

Start. Cosmos. Gods. Animus. Ampule. Unbirth. Anima. Animusphere.


Light the pyre. Make your offering at the altar.

In the name of the Mage-King, let us celebrate the planet's rebirth.

Behold your fate.

Human history itself is a race to cull the weak.
This is the consequence of those fallen histories.

But there is nothing to grieve. Why, you ask? There are no victims.

If humanity's answer is not to cull the weak by natural selection, but rather to voluntarily reject them, then it merely means that the role of arbiter has fallen to you.

My name is Solomon.
I am he who gazed across past and future, and foresaw this conclusion.
Now, I watch humanity's final battle from the great beyond.

The roots of fantasy have made landfall. Heavenly signals have ceased, the surface is bleached white, and this planet is now alone.

The percolation of alien elements.
A planet, invaded and wiped blank.

No longer does there exist a correct order!
No longer do Heroic Spirits guard the Human Order!
There is no one left to take your side.
Because, on this earth, it is you who are now evil!

Yet, in matters of survival, there is no weighing of good and evil.
If you have still yet to give up...
If, just as before, when all has returned to the void, you still wish to survive...

Shout with all your might, foolish though it may be.
Pile on your follies without regret, and shoulder ever greater debts!
Tell yourself, full of hope, that humanity's fight has just begun!

Haha, hahahahahaha, HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt.

A woman's voice:

Good grief. It's a poor habit of this universe to try and create its contents.


Just as life is a competition, there are winners and losers among histories.

The "present" is the victors' history of correct choices and correct prosperity.
It is called "pan-human history."

Incorrect choices and incorrect prosperity comprise the histories of the defeated.
Deemed "unnecessary," they have been suspended. They are "dead ends" of human history, discarded even from parallel world theory.

These are called Anagnostic Belts. (Lostbelts)

Anagnostic Depth: D
Lostbelt No. 1
Empress of the Beastland
A.D. 1570 Eternal Permafrost Empire -- Anastasia

Anagnostic Depth: B+
Lostbelt No. 2
Goodfellow of Undying Flame
B.C. 1000 Boundless Century of Ice and Fire -- Götterdämmerung

Anagnostic Depth: E
Lostbelt No. 3
Crimson Queen of the Night
B.C. 0210 True State of Unified Wisdom -- Qin

Anagnostic Depth: A
Lostbelt No. 4
Final Black God
?.?. 11900 Cycle of Creation and Destruction -- Yuga Kshetra

Anagnostic Depth: A+
Lostbelt No. 5
The Day a God is Felled
B.C. 12000 Stellar Vunopolis -- Olympus

Anagnostic Depth: EX
Lostbelt No. 6
When a Star is Born
A.D. 500 Faerie Round Table Domain -- Avalon le Fae

Anagnostic Depth: A++
Lostbelt No. 7
B.C. ???? ■■ Forest ■■ -- ■■■・■■■■■

The incineration of the Human Order continues.
An unprecedented quest for the Holy Grail
has begun.

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  2. Rafflesiac's Avatar
    I want to believe that Lostbelt 7 is the Garden of Eden.

    It won't be, but I still believe.
  3. You's Avatar
    One thing weird, in case files 5 its アントルム rather than ampule.