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Daydreamy Side of the Moon

Fate/Reclamation - Caster of Blue Status Screen

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STR: D+ (C+)
AGI: C+ (B+)

Current Condition:

Wounds: 7/7
Prana: 700/800



Class Skills:
Item Creation
Rank: ?

Territory Creation
Rank: ?

Personal Skills:
Rank: D
Knowledge about modern thaumaturgy. [???]

At this rank, the Servant can construct four spells for her usage. Magical effects of D-rank or below can be created based on the Servants general knowledge of magecraft in a similar manner to a Magic Crest. Caster's natural elemental affinity as a mage appears to be lightning-based. [???]

High Speed Incantation
Rank: A
The capacity to recite spells at high speeds. At this rank, ten-count arias may be cast at the speed of one-line incantations.

At this rank, all spells, regardless of scale, have their casting time cut to Single Action. In addition, multiple spells can be cast simultaneously, although each spell added increases casting time by a single level. [???]

Mechanized Armor
Rank: B
While equipped, the STR and AGI of the servant are improved by one rank. [???]

Rank: C
A strange handheld pistol resembling a raygun cast in brass and wood, covered in glowing readouts and indecipherable knobs. The barrel is a ridged brass cage surrounding a glowing, yellowish illuminated glass cylinder, tapering to a round opening. [???]

[???]. Evasion is not applied against attacks made using this weapon, except for bonuses to evasion that are granted from skills or perks.


Rank: A
100 prana
A spell that uses Caster’s magecraft to unbind and separate elements, allowing her to induce electrochemical reactions and cause the target to lose cohesion as Caster’s electricity literally disassembles their constituent parts through electrolysis. Given its nature, the spell is equally effective on physical bodies and intangible elements.


Rank: D
40 prana
An offensive spell that releases a shock of electricity at the target. In its most basic form, a method to “convert” kinetic energy into electricity in a manner extremely similar to static electricity, albeit on a much larger scale. When striking at a target, the first enemy is hit for D-rank (Servant) damage, after which, there is an approximately fifty percent chance of it “jumping” to another enemy in range (and so on). However, a rank of damage is lost for every “hop” that the spell carries out.

In addition, due to the way the spell is built up, it requires a conduit [either in the shape of a successful physical attack (STR) or a projectile attack (AGI)] from where sufficient quantities of kinetic energy can be converted into electricity.

Cellular Surge

Rank: D
40 prana
A spell that could easily be mistaken for healing magecraft, but which, in reality, is an extremely specific form of physical stimulation magecraft, akin to Reinforcement. By focusing and accelerating the electrical signals in the body, Cellular Surge accelerates cell processes and boosts the body’s natural healing, due to the increased rate of cellular division.

When cast, two [Minor Injuries] are immediately healed on the target. However, as the spell acts as an accelerant of natural healing, rather than a bonafide healing spell, it weakens the body’s natural capacity for regeneration, disabling the healing of Minor Injuries for the next two Phases. Wound healing is unaffected.

Noble Phantasm(s):

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