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Alternate Servant Class: Gunner

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Gunner, Lone Gunslinger and Heroic Spirit of the Firearm. An Extra Servant class summoned in variant Grail Wars. Servants placed within this class are usually excellent marksmen and typically hail from eras bereft of high sorcery. Unlike Archer, which only requires a projectile weapon, Gunner requires a firearm of some description, though cannons and similar weapons also qualify. Servants placed in this class make excellent scouts and are very mana-conservative due to coming from times with little ambient mana. Typically, their Noble Phantasms arenít particularly strong but are technique based Noble Phantasms that do not consume much mana. Many Servants who qualify for this class are summoned under the Archer class in other Grail systems. Gunner typically replaces Archer in the systems that feature it, though it will occasionally show up alongside it for thematic reasons.

Compatible Servants hail from modern times and are isolated to places with heavy Western influence. Much of this classís strength stems from its heretical nature in the eyes of historically-minded mages, as well as its inclination towards indirect confrontation, i.e. sniping or guerilla tactics.

As an Extra Servant Class, this class is compatible with the Double Summon skill.

Parameter Array

Strength Endurance Agility
Mana Luck Noble Phantasm

Class Skills

Independent Action Marksmanship


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