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Alternative Servant Class: Boxer

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Boxer, Martial Artist and Heroic Spirit of the Fighting Arts. An Extra Servant class summoned in variant Grail Wars. Servants placed within this class are those with a legacy in any of the countless martial arts found worldwide. A few Servants who qualify are inventors of their arts, while others simply brought it to a new level or gave it renown. Boxers typically have High Strength and Agility while suffering in the Mana and Endurance attributes. The qualifying conditions for this class require a servant to possess one or more personal skills denoting their prowess in a certain martial art style. It is possible to bypass this requirement through special circumstances, such as even less compatibility in other classes, but those are exceptions to the rule. Boxer typically replaces either Assassin or Lancer in the variant wars in which it appears. This class is considered rather weak due to being “mundane” but hardly ever having the raw Parameters to back up it’s simplicity (like a Saber class servant would). The key bonus of this skill is the "crystallization of techniques." The signature martial techniques of a Boxer Class servant are elevated to an extent not found in other classes which allows them to be treated as Noble Phantasms.

Regardless of how much magic existed in their time, all Boxer class servants have at least C rank Magic Resistance, which is their only Class skill. Their Noble Phantasms are killing blows deployed only when most effective, since if an opponent sees it multiple times they may learn to counter it.

Despite being called “Boxer,” most servants of this class use Eastern martial arts. Especially frequent are Servants from China.

Parameter Array

Strength Endurance Agility
Mana Luck Noble Phantasm

Class Skills

Magic Resistance


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  1. RoydGolden's Avatar
    Just noticed these extra Classes in your profile link. Really cool stuff. Have you made Servants for any of them perchance? As a small suggestion though, I think the Boxer Class is slightly underpowered with only Magic Resistance as a Class Skill. Maybe add one that buffs their physical stats while fighting unarmed? (Call it 'Natural Weapon' or something).
  2. gyrowins's Avatar
    Only for a few. I've only officialized them like this recently. As for the underpowered nature of Boxer, I saw them as underdogs. Since each would presumably have a martial arts skill attached to them, that would suffice to buff their unarmed fighting ability.
  3. DracoFay's Avatar
    I also made a few fan classes, Here, one of them is very similar to this one, even made a couple of servants in those classes.
  4. Hawkeye's Avatar
    Just checked these out. Love the icon designs. Especially like how it incorporated Bazett's Command Spells. XD
    I assume she's one of the heroes who qualifies? XD