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Alternative Servant Class: Breaker

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Breaker, Brutal Knight and Heroic Spirit of the Hammer. An Extra Servant class summoned in variant Grail Wars. Servants placed within this class are relatively slow and powerful melee warriors adept at the use of any of a variety of blunt weaponry. They boast high ratings in physical parameters, excelling most in Endurance, and are most often heroes from the Age of Gods when magecraft was still commonplace. The Breaker class requires a Heroic Spirit with an association to a blunt weapon, such as a hammer or staff, and high-ranking physical parameters (though typically not as high as a Saber class servant). It is possible for a servant to bypass those requirements, with the most common example being servants with a legend of “breaking” some established societal convention or defensive construct. Compatible Heroic Spirits excel in piercing defenses and bear the Class skills of Magic Resistance and Mana Burst.

The Breaker class servant container has been exploited to call forth normally unsummonable servants, such as the philosopher Diogenes in the numerous failed Greek Wars present in the "Apocrypha Branches". Breakers are best suited for dealing with barriers, such as those created by Shielders or Casters. A battle against a Berserker simply becomes a race to see who can deal the most damage in the shortest amount of time.

Parameter Array

Strength Endurance Agility
Mana Luck Noble Phantasm

Class Skills

Magic Resistance Mana Burst


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