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Alternative Servant Class: Leader

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Leader, Commander of Men and Heroic Spirit of Direction. An Extra Servant class summoned in Grail Wars with three or more separate teams. Servants placed in this class function as the commanders of those teams and thus must be either great strategists or individuals known for unifying people under a single banner. As a class meant for command, they typically have parameter arrays ill-suited for the front line. They make up for this with skills and Noble Phantasms used to empower their allies or weaken their foes. Some even possess the ability to summon armies of their own, as a few Riders have been known to do. Leader class servants do not have Masters and instead draw Mana directly from the Superior Grail.

The Superior Grail is a heretical fusion of multiple Greater Grails from different time periods, dimensions, and locales fused together into one “Chimera-Grail.” There are virtual forms of this broken relic on certain instances of the Moon Cell. Using a corrupted Ruler protocol as their model, Leader class Servants were summoned as members of each participating team.

Leader class servants typically find a home under the Caster or Rider class containers in Grail Wars where Leader is unavailable.

Parameter Array

Strength Endurance Agility
Mana Luck Noble Phantasm
- A N/A

Class Skills

Independent Manifestation Commander's Domain Charisma


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