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KIRBY WORLDWIDE: Food. (image heavy)

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Food I ate around the world. Might be out of order


Doupi and fresh soy milk. Doupi is a Wuhan-specialty, best described as a fried sticky rice with a mung-bean starch omelette wrapping. It's often cut into squares.

Homemade dumplings at grandma's. Chives and pork, so the usual.

Reganmian. Another Wuhan specialty, it's translates to "hot dry noodles", which is pretty apt. Wheat noodles tossed with sesame sauce, chili oil, and various types of pickles.

Chinese-Korean food. I got kimchi and pork on a hot plate, my sister got omurice. And we shared fried chicken.

Sakura milk tea.

Some confectionary thing. Not sure of the name, it's a sort of stretchy jelly (probably agar) with sweet red beans in it.

I forget what this is.

Bad picture. Some sort of steamed rice cake dessert??

Dim sum. Included: xiaolongbao (soup dumplings), shaomai (the basket-shaped dumplings), har gow (shrimp dumplings), chaoshou (wontons with spicy sauce), danta (sweet egg tarts). Some more stuff arrived later but I didn't get a pic.

Shaokao, or: lots of things grilled on sticks. Here we have chicken wings, lamb, squid, phoenix claws (chicken feet), and chicken cartilage. See the one in Hangzhou for an even better pic.

Xianbing, or a stuffed fried flatbread. This pic doesn't do it justice because this is actually some of my favorite shit in China. It's filled with meat, spicy pickles, and glass noodles.


You know how in movies where the dudes drink from a bowl or cup and then smash it against a wall or the floor? This is a tourist attraction dedicated to that shit. For only 5 yuan, they'll give you a bowl of huangjiu (yellow rice wine), which you're supposed to chug and then smash it against the wall. It's very therapeutic.

More shaokao, or: the better one. If I ever open a restaurant in the US, I want it to be this shit. Piles of chicken wings and lamb skewers, with edamame, smashed cucumber, and cheap Chinese beer.

Mango black tea.

Korean BBQ. Galbi, pork belly, bulgogi, the works. Not much different here, but cheaper and still good.

Lunch with assorted Hangzhou specialties. Specifically, the fried rice, the soy sauce duck, various soups, steamed rice-coated spare ribs wrapped in bamboo(?) leaves, and sweetened lotus root. And more xiaolongbao, which isn't from Hangzhou but still good.

Dinner, with various things. The Xihu beef soup, the dongpo pork belly, and the shrimp are the Hangzhou specialties here.

Chinese instant noodles are fancy, and often good. This one came with an oil packet, a meat packet, and a seaweed packet.

No clue what this was called, but it's some rolled out pancake stuffed with random things.

Hot pot! There was like more stuff in this one and we didn't just eat like 2 plates of meat, but it's out of frame here because I couldnt' get a good angle.

More dinner of random things. Spicy shrimp, spicy fish, spicy stir-fried cilantro, and chicken wings. I was actually surprised they had these sorts of wings in China, which I always thought was a Chinese-American takeout thing.

Shengjianbao. Or, panfried soup dumplings. If you like xiaolongbao, try this shit.

WARNING: Chinese """Western""" Food

This was supposed to be a steak and pork chop with pasta. It was kinda fucked up.


Steak pie with "tatties", which I had to get explained to me what those were. Not pictured: gravy, which I poured on later.

A Manhattan. I don't have a drinking problem.

A pub burger in bad lighting. I accidentally store wnr's so we swapped our plates back so I could have my fries.

Something something ginger something drink. I don't have a drinking problem!

Another pub burger, with chicken.

Actual fish and chips!

Fuck if I know what this is called. I don't have a drinking problem!!

Curry! Various curries, I forget their names, with naan. We all shared ours and got to try a bit of each, which was the right move here.

Ribeye (I think) with peppercorn sauce. Reckless spending, ho!

Strife, introducing me to cosmopolitans! I don't have a drinking problem!!!


Moroccan food, though I forget the exact names of everything. Though we had couscous, braised lamb leg, a sort of vegetable stew, and what I think might've been harissa sauce. And French bread.

Breakfast croissant.

Ramen, at France, with gyoza on the side. Shoyu, apparently. It tasted good, but not really Japanese.

Apple tart, or something?

Something blue, from the con. I was dying of thirst at this point.

Salad, with lardons. It was good, but holy fuck that's a lot of lardons.

Duck confit, and fries. It was at this point I started to feel like I've been eating too many fries.

Lemon muffin thing??

Probably the best meal I've had at Paris. Starter was a sort of arranged salad thing with tomato, zucchini, ricotta, roasted eggplant, and a vinaigrette I forget the name of. Main course was lamb confit with grilled polenta and scallions.

More of something blue. In the background, everyone is judging me because I like blue things.

Baguette sandwich for breakfast. French bread is good.

Pho, which I wanted to try in France because it apparently has a sizable Vietnamese population. One thing I noticed about pho in France is that they seem to favor wide, flat noodles as opposed to like symmetrical square ones.


Caprese pizza. It was very different, but cheap and good.

Penne arrabbiata.

I forget it's name, but it was rigatoni from a place that specialized in their sauce and meatballs. Their meatballs were quite good.

Lasagna! My first time trying this, and now I wanna try making this at home.

Margherita pizza. Though I have a feeling this place's food wasn't as great, and we arrived here in a state of a sort of disrepair.

I don't have a drinking problem!!!!

Burger from an Irish pub. This was actually probably the worst thing I've had all trip.

The best food I've had in Rome. Starter was a meat and cheese plate, I forget the details but there was deer salami, mortadella, fresh mozzarella, a bunch of cheeses whose names I've already forgotten. I got grilled radicchio for my side dish, and you can see wnr's baked potato. And then, the actual best steak I've had all trip, with mustard and coarse salt on the side. Actually an absurdly cheap and absurdly good restaurant.

Fried chicken sandwich. This place was weird, we thought it was a seafood shop but when we went to the burger place a bit further down, apparently they don't actually sell any restaurant food there and served solely as a butcher, so when we went there we were led back to the seafood shop and given a separate menu for the butcher's half of the restaurant. Idk

Grilled meats, on swords. And I got grilled vegetables as my side dish.

I don't have a drinking problem!!!!!

Lunch. Starter is bruschetta, one with ham and another with tomato. And main dish was Pasta alle Vongole, I think.

Last meal in Rome. Very large veal cutlet, and grilled vegetables: eggplant, red cabbage(?), zucchini, and red pepper.

48 Hour Return Trip of Despair


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  1. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    I'm there like O_O
  2. You's Avatar
    Looks good
  3. Rafflesiac's Avatar
    Firstly, Jesus fuck am I jealous of you and everyone with you, wow that all looks delicious and fun. Second, Jesus H. Fucking Christ am I jealous of you, it's been like a decade since I've had dimsum and I miss it dearly. Third, now I have to visit China again and more of Europe. Fourth:
    Burger from an Irish pub. This was actually probably the worst thing I've had all trip.
    Yeah the burgers in Ireland are super hit-or-miss, half of the ones I had were shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit and the other ones were delicious, I'd stick to the traditionals there. As for your drinking problem, ehhh it's a vacation, cut loose in countries with freer drinking cultures than America, like Ireland. Just don't bring the culture back with you and you're fine. Also you're Percy Jackson, good to know.

    Finally, take me with you you guys I gotta get in on this.
  4. Kirby's Avatar
    It was an Irish pub in Rome, and we only really went to because we wanted to head to a pub to watch the World Cup. Also, if you ever do visit China again, try out Hangzhou or Xiamen, or more nature-y/scenic places in general. Not quite as huge or prolific as Shanghai or Beijing, but very beautiful and very clean, and the food's pretty much great anywhere.
  5. Rafflesiac's Avatar
    I'll have to keep that in mind; the most picturesque parts of China I recallare the Great Wall and the gardens in Suzhou.
  6. Bird of Hermes's Avatar
    The problem with reading this post right after dinner is that I got hungry again straight away.