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Hououin Kyouma

Fate/Extella - New EXTRA Action Game

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This blast from the past.

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Actually this should be shared.

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~A sales meeting one day - in TM~
Marvelous rep T (Italian hunk who'd look good in Prada or something. Super normie)
Type-Moon member T (company president who showed up at the sales meeting)
Kinoko (the usual)

Marv-T: "So I'd like to include an item with the limited edition. But we've already done figures, so I think that would lack impact."
TM-T: "I agree."
Marv-T: "T-san, is there anything you want?"
TM-T: "I'd like to try making a boob mousepad at least once. It'd be impossible with Artoria. But I think we could get away with a lot with the emperor. Boob-wise."

TM-T makes a staggering proposal to the normie Marv-T.

("Hang on, I want one too, but aren't you embarrassed saying that?! Isn't this going to call our dignity into question...?!")

A GOLDEN chill runs through the silent Kinoko.

Marv-T: "Nice. I want one too."
TM-T: "Right? That's what I want the most right now, personally."
"Are you stupid?"
Marv-T: "But I wonder what Wada Rco-san will think..."
TM-T: "Then let's ask Wada-san."

Wada Rco: "I heard all about it. Please let me make it."

"What is going on?"