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668 - Neighbor of the Beast

Co-Worker Files, Part 4: Home Stretch... with a catch.

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The good news is that money cleared today, as anticipated. Fairly early today, in fact.

The bad news is Paypal wants to do their own review of it before they will release it towards my bank account.

I've got $1000 moving on its way towards my account, but we have no - I repeat, NO - protection past about forty bucks in my bank account right now, as we'd just paid off another $85 warrant. The lawyer is going to try to go for a strategy of delay on any warrants past this, but we have no idea how much she can do here.

Meanwhile, the lie-low spot she'd gotten to enjoy over the last few days is gone - the person she'd been with wound up having to go to the hospital. And according to the lawyer, of the two lawyers before her, the first lawyer only paid/closed one warrant, and the second, none at all.

Fuck fuck fuck.

I could still use any and all help you could give me, guys. We're going to have the lawyer try to check how many more are outstanding, but until that $1000 lands safely in my bank account - a process that could take up to 24 hours, and possibly even 72 in a nightmare scenario - we are not out of the woods.