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668 - Neighbor of the Beast

The Co-Worker Files, Part 5: Last-Second Save

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A few more people helped give me $330 overnight, so that I figured we would have enough cushion in there until the thousand cleared.

Then Paypal refused to let me move more than $150 via my debit card.

And new warrants came in, not only targeting my co-worker, but from back when those bitches tried to claim the 17 year-old special needs granddaughter stole shit from them.


And PayPal wouldn't let me pull out more money still, even the $180 "extra."


And then we only had until 10 AM until they'd arrest her daughter and her granddaughter - at school, no less.


So I get home this morning at about 9 AM, with us having been graced an extra hour - 11 AM. Contact PayPal's chat support on the website, get promptly told by the Indian "We can't do anything about that, call this number."

So I call it. 8-10 minute delay. By this point it's 9:30. We need at least half an hour to go to the bank and back - much less to get the money downtown.

I opt for them to call me back rather than wait on hold, since my phone only has 90 minutes of service a month. They do so. I explain the situation and tell her that we really, really need this money, or people are going to get arrested.

She checks my account.

Her: "There's nothing pending."
Me: "There's nothing pending? I know I put that transfer in at about 9:15 AM yesterday."

She puts me on hold. While I'm on hold, I look at my account again. Sure enough, no pending transfer.

I then look in my bank account. $1004 dollars and some change.

She gets back on, and I tell her it's gone through. Apparently due to the "Pay this in an hour or two rush" shit, Paypal decided to check on all the transfers via my debit card. As a result, this is why I could not send money via the debit card anymore. This leaves a bank account transfer as the only option, which takes a business day to complete.

I thank her, hang up, and call my co-worker.

Me: "It cleared. Get down here now."
Her: "On my way."

So I went to the bank, got her the money she needed to pay off those warrants, and she's now got a $740 cushion to last the weekend. I've got an extra $100 I can pull out of the ATM in case we somehow rip past that. (It'd be $140, but she really needs gas.) I've initiated a bank account transfer of another $1000, so that should hopefully show up tomorrow... assuming Saturday counts as a business day for banks. If not, that probably won't hit until Monday, and hopefully we won't get ravished by it.

So, with about an hour to spare, the police won't be picking up a special needs 17 year-old who has the mental intelligence of a 10 year-old up from her school and putting her in the back of the cop car.

Thank god.