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668 - Neighbor of the Beast

The Co-Worker Files, Part 6: Extra Information Edition

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It's come to my attention that some people (perhaps involved with giving me money, perhaps not) are worried and concerned about it, for multiple reasons.

Some are worried that I'm being scammed by this person. (And even though I extremely doubt that, I do thank you for your concern for my well-being!)

Others, obviously, have given more in the terms of financial help, and while I've been very open with them about what's going on and giving them updates, I admittedly don't try to say too much about things for those who haven't. And if they've helped me out with money, they deserve to know (and I've been filling them in on some details I've tended not to divulge publicly).

That said, it does kind of suck that nobody came to ME and voiced these concerns. I understand some people would feel uneasy about it, but I'm doing my best to be as straight with all of you as I can, to the best of my knowledge.

This co-worker is someone who takes me to (and from) work on a daily basis, and has done so for almost the last four years. I know her very well, I know her daughter well, I know her two grandkids as well. The youngest one's even been in the car with us a few times lately when we had to make bank runs, with the reason she stated being she wanted to see me. I guess she knows just how much I've been helping her grandmother in all of this.

She is someone who I've loaned money to in the past. We made a contract the first time I lent her a significant sum (about $1100), agreed to a payment schedule, and she had no problem signing off on it. She wound up paying me back not only down to the dime, but ahead of schedule as well - helped by the fact that she actually wound up only needing $600 instead of the $1100 she originally thought she'd need, so she gave me $500 back literally days later. Owing to that, there is no contract this time, but we are keeping track of exactly how much she owes me (even though it's a number neither her nor I like to look at very much right now). I am convinced that even if the worst-case scenario happens, she will pay me back as best as she can, even if that means working some other job. She is very much an oldschool person who hates owing anyone money - something I can relate to once the debt is high enough.

Put simply... this post sucks for me to make. On one hand, it's very understandable people want more info, verifiable facts, and so on. On the other... I admittedly don't have much to show right now, and the only way I could probably satisfy most people's concerns is via posting something with names and identifiable information on it.

I've tried looking up information on the first lawyer who got arrested for embezzlement, and found nothing. That doesn't mean it hasn't happened, of course - just that I can't prove it. I've also tried looking up information on the warrants, but as those are (likely) through the Buffalo Police Department, there is no public search for those AFAIK. (The Erie County Sheriff's site doesn't have them listed, anyway).

I have talked to my co-worker, and forwarded the concerns about lack of paperwork and verifiable proof of the situation. She's told me she's discussing that (and a few other things) with her lawyer. I'd normally like to keep her privacy intact, but this is probably past that point right now. I told her that I'd be sharing at least some of that information with you guys, and she said she understands - she felt like we were being scammed ourselves until this lawyer got the DA and sheriff involved on the case.

All I have for you until she can provide me those are two things.

One is a photocopy of a letter that the second lawyer (the one who really fucked us) had signed with a witness present, promising us to get the money by a certain date (which did not happen, both due to him being moved off of our case as well as him trying to fuck us - otherwise, we'd be done with it by now). Alf was the first person to see this document, and if need be, I can pull up the point in time where I posted it on Discord to prove that this isn't something I just whipped up; we got that on August 30th.

The other, is the daughter's facebook profile, with pictures of her daughters (i.e; the grandkids of my co-worker) as well as herself and maybe even her mother (my co-worker). I wouldn't know. I don't have a Facebook myself and I refuse to get one until absolutely necessary, so I can't view all the photos.

I really hope you understand how hard it is for me to post these. PLEASE do not harass or bother her - like me, they are under more than enough stress, and really they won't be online for awhile anyway since the internet is one of the many bills they haven't been able to pay. I am presenting these simply as proof that yes, this person exists and this situation exists, and when I get more documents and information from my co-worker, I will pass those on in kind.

If anyone has any further questions, feel free to get in contact with me on #notes or Discord. I will explain it to the best of my ability.

Facebook: (These are her daughters/my co-worker's two grandkids in the avatar)

EDIT: While putting this up, I got some more information from my co-worker that the DA, Sheriff, and her lawyer are working to see if they can kill those back warrants without us having to pay for them. There's no guarantees though - she did just have to pay $100 for one that they couldn't "kill."

I just hope that it doesn't burn through what's left of her cushion until I can access more. Of the $1100 I gave her earlier this morning, she's already been forced to spend about $465. Due to tomorrow being Sunday, no banks will be open, and the next $1000 I was forced to transfer via the Bank Transfer option on Paypal (due to it still not letting me do it instantly via my debit card) means that money might not clear until Monday or Tuesday.

Even if it clears, I'd only be able to pull $400 for her out of the ATM... so whatever I can get her has to last until we finish up with our work shift around 9:15 AM Monday if it clears before then... or 9:15 AM Tuesday if it doesn't, short of doing a post-midnight ATM run, which we are very much trying to avoid.

Weekends are our enemy. -_-

EDIT #2 (9/16, 5:56 AM EDT): The rate of warrants has slowed down a LOT, because the DA, that Sheriff who's been helping us, and our Lawyer are banding together to kill as many of the back warrants as they can without us having to pay. They haven't been able to kill all of them - seems that stuff related to vandalism or claimed property damage is still stuff we have to pay - but compared to the rate we went through money on Friday night, I'm a lot happier with the rate we did last night, only a couple hundred dollars. I actually got a good, eight-hour night of sleep for the first time in what must be forever.

They also found something that apparently will greatly help us with our fraud cases against the first two lawyers. That cost us an extra $70, but seeing as I really want those to succeed, I told her to pay that.

Lastly, PayPal is finally letting me move stuff via my Debit Card again (so it must've been some weekly limit on how many times you can transfer via your debit card), so if need be, I can give her $400 today via the ATM, and assuming it doesn't choke on my request, if she runs out of that plus the current cushion she's got (which would leave her just shy of $800), I can try to move the next thousand or as much as possible via the debit card, since the one that's getting processed by Bank Transfer probably won't be in there until late Monday/early Tuesday.

Updated September 16th, 2018 at 06:01 AM by Dark Pulse (The DA/Lawyer/Sheriff are banding together to kill warrants, and Paypal is letting me move money via debit card again.)



  1. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    There is no way a real lawyer wrote that letter so that’s probably where she’s getting ripped off.
  2. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Thankfully that's not our lawyer anymore, yes. A day or two after that is when he was off our case.

    And he was ripping us off, by not putting our money into the stuff he was supposedly paying for us.