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A calcified and moss covered stone has begun to move

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For those of you bored enough to be following my story, you may know that for the last few years I have been preparing to seek a military commission as a therapist. Completing my licensure. Starting my medical residency have been the major chapters recently. I have also, since approximately February 20th, been fighting a Permanent DisQualification (PDQ) due to having gotten eye surgery when I was 18.

that PDQ was officially over turned today. There are many steps I will need to go through yet. A meeting with a member of my profession being the first and a literal honest to god act of Congress will be required. Ironically this has taken so long that instead of working in the states as I finish my clinicals I may finish my residency then attend COT afterwards. It would by worth an extra twenty odd thousand dollar signing bonus to do it that way. Iím still debating.

i havenít reached the end of this process. But still.

*persona level up music*

its a step forward.


  1. Zurvan's Avatar
    I feel like its been years since I asked you about Germany related stuff

    Good to hear you're capable of advancing forward now, charge ahead pun-master rapebird
  2. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Make sure you get the act of congress framed on your wall.
  3. Tobias's Avatar
    What if the fail me out

    ...still frame it?
  4. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tobias
    What if the fail me out

    ...still frame it?
    No, then go to the press about how the GOP won't let a hardworking American fulfill his dreams.
  5. mewarmo990's Avatar
    Before I read the actual post I thought your PDQ was because you had calcified stones painfully moving through your tracts