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When you're happy for a whole 2 seconds before you realize what day it is

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It's not okay to play with people's feelings like this, not like this.

Updated March 31st, 2019 at 11:45 AM by DreamsRequiem



  1. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    And so we are still denied a Tsukihime anime.
  2. Strange_One's Avatar
    Immediately recognised a rework of an earlier trailer tho
  3. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    The guy who did the Gundam x F/GO April Fool's fake trailer has to one-up themselves from last year.
  4. hayate's Avatar
    They even had a song just for this. Power of money, I guess.

    Don't worry, that one will come true just like Riyo had his own Servant up on Chaldea.

    Wait and hope.
  5. Draconic's Avatar
    Maybe after the Lostbelts are over he’ll have some time to continue working on it?

    I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

    But hey, maybe at one of the official F/GO panels at conventions, we could have people volunteer to ask the developers to pass on a message that Beast’s Lair would be willing to help with Re:Tsuki’s development if he sent us a few notes. We would be willing to help, right?