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I create a world of finite somethings

LOOOOOL, well, curse you fools of April

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I was gonna post this in the fic ideas bit. Until pink disappears from my screen, however, I shall do it here instead.

No, I am not writing anything like this, which is why I was gonna put it in the ideas thread. I just came up with all of this thinking about the drama cd for the F/Z BDs while I was driving back from visiting with my mom.

"So, this is what you call a 'vessel' of the Holy Grail."

He paced around the woman, taking in everything about her: the long hair a single tone from the white of snow, the pearly arms she held beneath the curve of her breasts, the eyes like a vintage red wine or the satin sheets on the bed to his room. He regarded her height, her build, the way her weight was evenly distributed between her legs in a way that was inhuman in perfection. He even counted the number of times her shoulders rose and fell as she breathed.

"A 'homunculus' is what Acht called you. What would you call yourself?"

"Irisviel," the woman said. "Though I am merely a device for the desires of the Einzbern, I am fully capable of thinking on my own. You need not worry about that."

"Oh, I'm not worried. Just thinking. Since I am to receive a homunculus heir as well, I wished to see the kind of being that results from this magic. It is foreign to me and my kind." He completed another circuit around the woman, then, like a child incapable of holding back his curiosity, jerked his hand out to brush his fingertips along the underside of her jaw, the arch to her neck. "It--you, are beautiful, but certainly fragile. It seems odd to me that a vessel to an important artifact would be placed into such a container."

"There are many reasons for it, reasons you need not concern yourself with," Irisviel said.

"The concern may be to win you this grail, but my concern is how I must keep one alive in the process. It is not something I must...keep in mind, normally." His touch traveled to her shoulder, and there his hand stopped and tightened, almost dangerously, as if she would suddenly take flight from his words. "And yet, in the end, you will die. You know this, understand this?"

"Yes. It is my purpose." A faint smile came to her lips. "After all, we all die in the end. I would at least do so in the manner of my choosing. You should understand this better than most. If my purpose is to be a tool for the Einzbern, yours is to be the blade."


"Then, prepare me for what is to come, Kiri Nanaya."


  1. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    Kiri Nanaya in Fate/Zero?

    Hmm. Potential. OP, possibly. But potential nonetheless.
  2. Suncofold's Avatar
  3. Fafnir's Avatar
    Color me interested.
  4. warellis's Avatar
    Interesting. Would that mean Ilya could potentially have the kind of mystic eyes the Nanaya clan had? Not the MEoDP, since that was essentially a mutation, but the original version of what Shiki had.