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On Archetypes and Nature: What does being a Child mean?

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I've had some trouble in the last few days, mostly because my nature tends to get filtered and cast on this world thru the 'prisms', shall we call them that, of the nature of a girl and the nature of a child.

I'm trying to crack reality further down (that is, before i decide to kill myself out of lack of any hope) into a midly predictable formula before i decide to cosplay Lycoris and get the program to end, but one of the things that has mostly gotten me thinking, in these last few days, is that the 'Child' nature, or Archetype, might not be an archetype based on interaction of reality, but instead a sort of "basic" human nature that we're all born with... Although i can't truly be sure about that.

One of the things that I mostly recall is the story of a shoal of fish, as told by sea-divers, both before and after their first contact with dragnet ships; at first, the shoal was quite welcoming to the divers, swimming around them and not truly caring about their presence. After their first contact with the dragnets, the divers found out that the fish would get away from them the moment they saw the divers.
The so-called pit bull dog is rumored to follow a similar behaviour pattern. It's claimed that in case the dog doesn't grow up being abused somehow, the dog will turn into a rather friendly and silly dog, playful and sweet. In case it gets raised with aggression and harrassment as common things in its life, the result will be a mad dog, territorial and quite aggressive, rumored to only restrain from attacking its owner... Lovers and children will get attacked.

Then we have the child. Theoretically speaking, children have no reason to, at first, become aggressive, unless its given. The idioglossia phenomenon sorta displays that children tend to communicate more than fight. Children have been known to ask hard questions for adults... And adults have been known to violently suppress those questions.

One of the main points in what i seem to be realizing is that the Child turns out to be whom the person originally is, a person's true self... The Adult, on the other hand, seems to be a rather mutilated creature, completely disconnected from that true-self, and instead seeking relief and compensation for its psychological mutilation in reassurances, support and acceptance from the group, which usually come from further violent acts against the inner child nature, which gets further and further pushed away, while the social mask (of murder, i'd propose) becomes more and more dominant.

One of the main points here is that aggression is not natural, but instead it's a reaction that, naturally speaking, would only get practiced out in an unhealthy situation. The fact that world sickly worships and practices violence on pretty much all possiblly conceivable levels states something, though.

Once that prelude gets written, my point is that, in the end, being "childish" isn't something that could be considered bad per se, but just like human culture has taken a sick aversion towards sexuality, thinking, playing games and drugs, in a given way, human culture has taken an aversion against being human, instead trying to focus and artificially create a trend for animal aggressivity through constant rewarding and the brainless vulgar branch of culture.

I think that humans are driven to, well, hate their inner selves, hate their inner child, and instead embrace the adult, which usually turns out to be a creature deprived of love for anything but immoral competition and violence. Then again, that's how i see things.

So i shall close by asking: what kind of child were you? Do you think you actually desired contact with others, did you wish to have your questions answered? What drove you? And do you think you inner child is still alive? Assuming those very wishes you've had as a child were to somehow get fulfilled, would you feel happy and fulfilled, or has the inner child truly died? I don't think children ever die... The just get pushed further and further down the tree of life, leaving their lives on the collective unconscious, forgotten and banished to dreams, while the individual unconscious turns out to be something more like Ares/Mars, a crazy thing that, likely having lost its own self from itself, decides to wreck everything possible.

Would you say that fighting is natural? Or would you say that something else is natural? Would you say that bodies are too heavy for little princesses?
How would you define yourself, back when you were a child?

Well, that's it, i guess.