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Badass Versus Thread

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CCC Gilgamesh is a full heroic spirit who's not restrained by servant class.
Completely false. Whoever said this did not even touch CCC and just talk shit out of their asses. He has no servant class because he was not assigned one for the purpose of a HGW, he's not allowed to participate duh. Moon Cell still summoned him as a Servant, according to the material book:
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We also see him use full power Ea for the first time with which he destroys the moon cell's solar system sized reality marble.
We never did and he never did. He was not even capable of destroying the fucking Angelica Cage and his Ea in CCC was not even the strongest possible form of it. It's the "天の理" side of it rather then the usual "地の理". And Moon Cell's RM is SE.RA.PH, which was stated in the recent Last Encore script book to represent the planet. So whoever said it's solar system size was farting really hard.
So all you got are wank fanfics. I dare you go into the game and bring me those statements and scenes showcasing him doing that and we're talking.

Oh but you can't, ofc you can't. Because none of that ever happened. Friendly reminder that you are talking to one who played that game for 300+ hours and is doing translations of scenes in there, you're not getting away with this fanfiction my friend.


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    I'm amazed that someone cited a "Respect Thread" as a credible source. I thought it was understood that Respect Threads were digital blowjobs.
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    I am impressed by the amount of rage repressed in that response. I can feel the waves of unbridled anger through my screen, contained in a partially polite veneer.