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Reddit Perma-banned = R.I.P.

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Hello, BL!

I just got perma-banned on Reddit today for the 2nd time!

Explanations are in order.

The first one was around May 05, when my original account was suddenly banned due to "sexual loli anime content".

This was back when Reddit was having a meltdown over anime lolis or something and cannot distinguish which is which.

The problem with that was the clarity of what is appropiate or not. The Admins simply ban users posting loli content without any context.

When I got banned, I do not know which of my posts was the reason for the ban.

They didn't even point it out.

They just gave me a red warning without any reason.

That's it.

So I created a second account, making sure that the stuff that I post does not broke the site rules....


Apparently, making a 2nd account is also against the rules.

And today, I was banned on the grounds of "creating alternate accounts to circumvent original ban".

I was really enjoying my time participating my time on the r/grandorder subreddit...

Only for all of it to be ruthlessly destroyed because of confusing and draconian rules!


I'm not angry...

I'm just sad that it happened.

I guess I'll be returning here then.

Back to where I originally started...

Not planning to go back to that site, not unless a miracle happens which I doubt it will.

Updated May 28th, 2019 at 10:28 PM by Renko

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