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My Servant Sheets

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Total: 139

* = Not to be used in the Holy Schlock Wars

Sabers (13)
Takechi Hanpeita*
Sir Gowther
Trung Sisters*
Ben Jonson
Ken Arok
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Robert Dudley
Lucian of Samosata
Yamaoka Tesshu
Mathurine de Vallois
Tokugawa Iemitsu
Odo of West Francia

Archers (12)
Tipu Sultan
B.F. Skinner
Mary Amelia Cecil
Zhou Tong
Ptolemy I Soter (Servant Universe)
Charles Lee

Lancers (7)
Martha Christina Tiahahu
Cambyses II
Gunnar Hámundarson
Jean-Baptiste Lully

Riders (16)
Noah (Lostbelt)*
Hans Axel von Fersen
Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed
John Joseph Merlin
Ulrich von Liechtenstein*
Hanno the Navigator
William Adelin
Katsu Kaishuu
Qin Er Shi & Zhao Gao
Theroigne de Mericourt*
Jirocho Shimizu (Summer)
Robert Dudley (Santa)
Lagâri Hasan Çelebi
Saint Richardis
Dewi Sri
Rosa Bonheur

Assassins (14)
The Scarlet Pimpernel (Baroness Emma Orczy)
Raden Wijaya*
Mary Mallon
Liu Jin
Alfred Hitchcock
Robin Hood (Roger Godberd)
Johann Adam Weishaupt
Frances Glessner Lee
Jirocho Shimizu
William Burke & William Hare
Robin Hood (Schinderhannes)
Joséphine Bonaparte

Casters (16)
Sarah Winchester
Sigmund Freud
Queen Seondeok of Silla
Urbain Grandier
Meng Po
Rosamund Clifford
Franz Anton Mesmer*
John Logie Baird
Sir Thomas Malory
Roberta Hooke
Bandung Bandawasa*
Ono no Takamura
Pope Alexander VI
Huang Yueying

Berserkers (19)
Albert Fish*
Osamu Dazai/Oba Yozo
Descartes' Evil Demon*
Liu Pengli
Jeremy Bentham
Franz Kafka
Herman the Recluse
Robert Hubert
John Lackland
Hong Xiuquan ("Saver")
Mae Nak
Charles the Fat
Bai Qi
Flavius Ricimer
Ludwig van Beethoven (Collab with Delrey)
Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus (Alter)
Lady Caroline Ponsonby

Extra Classes (36)
Giles Corey (Avenger)*
Oscar Wilde (Foreigner)*
Black Kettle (Avenger)
Shakuni (Avenger)
Hans Axel von Fersen (Avenger)
Carl Tanzler (Foreigner)
Tsarevich Dimitri Ivanovich (Alter-Ego)
Oichi (Avenger)
Laplace's Demon (Watcher)
Samyaza (Foreigner)
Anna Anderson (Faker)
Jack the Ripper (Watcher)
Elvis Presley(?) (Watcher)
Sir Lanzelet (Faker)
Mpu Bharada (Ruler)
Madame Tussaud (Faker)
Ratna Manggali (Alter-Ego)
"Annie Oakley" ("Archer")
Angelica (Lover)
Ptolemy I Soter / Serapis (Alter-Ego)
"William Hanna" and "Joseph Barbera" ("Berserker")
Anna Pavlova / Odette (Alter-Ego)
Okita Rintaro (Faker)
Jeremy Bentham (Watcher)
Pedro I of Portugal (Avenger)
"James J. Kilroy" (Watcher)
Alfred Nobel (Avenger)
Mohammed Abdul Karim (Voyager)
Sir Orfeo (Lover)
Sima Qian (Ruler)
Parikshit (Binder)
Eleanor of Aquitaine (Lily) (Binder)
Li Shizhen (Voyager)
Emperor Kōmei (Avenger)
"Ali ibn Abi Talib" ("Rider")
Franz Kafka (Watcher) (Summer Collab with Saron)

Redux (6)
The Scarlet Pimpernel (Baroness Emma Orczy) (Assassin) (Redux)
Alcina (Caster) (Redux)
Ben Jonson (Saber) (Redux)
Carl Tanzler (Foreigner) (Redux)
Martha Christina Tiahahu (Lancer) (Redux)
Tokugawa Iemitsu (Anti-Binder)

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  1. Kabalisto Koga's Avatar
    Functionality confirmed
  2. RoydGolden's Avatar
    Out of curiosity, do the particular colors here signify anything?
  3. BnEl15's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by RoydGolden
    Out of curiosity, do the particular colors here signify anything?
    My personal thoughts on their FGO rarity, I suppose. It's also slightly influenced by my own feelings towards them; I feel relatively satisfied with most of the gold ones, and some (not all) of the bronze Servants... not so much.
  4. Scotcheroos's Avatar
    Ngl I still occasionally read Kilroy's profile and get a little teary-eyed every now and then. It's one of, if not my single most favorite, Servant profile here, bar none.