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Other Class:Caster, Rider
True Name: Sir James Clark Ross
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Region of Origin:Britain(Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration)
Grail War:Triumverante Grail War, Godslaying Grail War
Servant Rank: Top Tier(5 Star)

Parameters:Normal (Skill/Noble Phantasm enhancement)

Noble Phantasm: EX

Blood Type: Unknown
Birthday:15 April
Likes:Adventure, Exploration, Unpopulated or cold areas
Dislikes:Magus morals(or lack thereof), Populated areas
Armarments:Two British Naval Officer Swords, Flintlock Pistol
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Foreigner was born a second-generation magus with a dual element of Ice and Cold. Due to his families low standing in the Clock Tower, he was more attracted to his Uncles’ carrier in the British Navy than his fathers’ research. He entered the Navy at the age of twelve under his uncle.

He took part in five Arctic voyages between 1819 and 1833, the last of which was under his uncle and was allowed to lead a small party in an attempt to locate the North Magnetic Pole. During this expedition, Foreigner and his party came across a desolated camp near Mt. Yarak.

Whilst the rest of Foreigners’ party believed this to be an unfortunate, Foreigner found equipment utilised in Spiritual Evocation, thaumaturgical research notes, and a mystic code, later realised to be Grimoire of Aphoom-Zhah.

Between 1839 and 1843, Foreigner set out on an expedition to the frozen continent of Antarctica at the command of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. During this time, Foreigner had begun to attend to the Thaumaturgical research he had mostly neglected up to this point in life, heavily utilising the Mystic Code he had gained in the Arctic as the bases for his research.

In 1841, after the discovery of the Ross Sea, and the volcanoes Mt. Erebus, and Mt. Terror, Foreigner had the misfortune of navigating near the resting place of another Outer God, Groth-Golka.

Groth-Golka, sensing the presence of the connection sealed within the grimoire in its slumber, visited Foreigner by drawing him into the Dreamlands in his sleep. Foreigner managed to resist the position and consume the madness caused by observing the Outer God, finding himself released from the dreamlands. After this, he abandoned his research and swore to himself to never touch the Mystic Code again.

This voyage would later be retold as a fictional story by a certain writer, the novel becoming his most popular work, and a large piece of this dreamer’s mythos.

After this voyage, Foreigner was awarded the Grande Medaille d’Or des Explorationsin 1843 and knighted in 1844. He continued to take part in expeditions for three years, before stepping back and dedicating himself to the Thaumaturgical research he had abandoned, breaking his vow of never touching the grimoire again.

Class Skills:

Existence Outside the Domain: EX
This skill represents Foreigners connection to a being not born of this universe, and existing outside of reality and the known universe. Besides this extra-universal existence, the outer god connected to foreigner resides in Antarctica, the last region on Earth explored by humanity and whose existence could only be theorised until the 19thcentury. Even then, it was difficult to access due to its hostile climate, lack of resources and isolation. The sheer amount of mystery surrounding this Terra Australisforms the basis for Foreigner's power just as much as his actual exploits.

A Mental Corruption-like skill gained from encountering an evil god that can easily erode the fragile common sense and morals of humans. Due to this Foreigner has shed his military discipline and his pride as a knight and has doubled down on her enthusiastic love of exploration and the Antarctic. Because of this, he has a particular affinity for nature, especially wastelands and the creatures that inhabit such places. Furthermore, his mental map of the world has had the "fog of war" inverted; those places that are unseen by human eyes are as familiar as the back of his hand. Encountering human civilization, however, is like standing on an alien planet that defies all logic.

Divinity: B+
Foreigner’s ‘Divine’ nature does not come from his ancestry, but his connection to an Outer God. Due to both having encountering such a deity, as well as possessing a Mystic Code that has connections to another such deity for an extended amount of time, Foreigners’ level of Divinity is slightly higher than average for his class.

Personal Skills:

Defence of the Frozen Continent: EX
One of Foreigners’ greatest claims to fame is the various parts of Antarctica that share his name. This skill also extends to his noble phantasm HMS Erebus & HMS Terror: Mine Vessels, Become those Mountains of Madness.

When applied to himself, Defence of the Frozen Continent manifests through a limited form of territory creation that replicates point blank the sheets of ice of the Antarctic ice shelf. It forms as an aura of cold around his person, with slight bits of frost forming on Foreigners’ clothes and body. Whilst active it adds two (+) modifiers to his Strength and Endurance, at the cost of a rank down in Agility.

Defence of the Frozen Continent has a different effect when applied to HMS Erebus & HMS Terror. This covers the ships in a layer of white ice, reflecting the appearance of Mt. Erebus and Mt. Terror, the two volcanoes named after the ships. This ice increases the structural integrity of the ships, and acts as extra armour against attacks on the Noble Phantasm to prevent their destruction.

Prana Burst(Ice): B
Foreigner is able to increase his performance by utilising the prana produced by his Noble Phantasm and infusing it into his weapons and body and instantly expelling it. Simply put, recreating the effect of a jet burst by expending large amounts of Magical Energy. Due to the nature of this prana he utilises, his prana burst causes ice to form from his enhanced attacks.

Voyager of the Storm:A+
The talent to sail ships. Because leadership ability is a necessity to captain a ship, this skill functions as both Charisma and Military Tactics. Foreigner was a lifelong member of the Royal Navy, quickly being promoted to Captain after undertaking several Arctic expeditions and maintaining the health and good morale of his men.

Unyielding Will: C
Unyielding Will is a Skill that represents one's extremely firm will that never yields to any sort of agony, despair or circumstances. In life, Foreigner was continuously successful in leading expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic due to his ability to perceiver through the deathly conditions of the frozen wastelands.

Noble Phantasm:

Grimoire of Aphoom-Zhah:
Record of The Cold Flame: B+ Anti-Unit/Anti-Army
A Mystic Code created by an unknown magus who sealed a connection to the Outer God Aphoom-Zhah into the book. Foreigner discovered this Mystic Code when leading a small group to find the north magnetic pole, the resting place of Aphoom-Zhah. Due to the connection to the Outer God sealed inside, the Grimoire, much like Prelati's Spellbook, is actually a monster acting as a magical energy reactor instead of a tome.

The grimoire contains a vast amount of Mysteries utilising an alien Thaumaturgical Theory and allows Foreigner access to a vast array of ice based, and cold based mysteries and allow for the summoning of the personal servant race of Aphoom-Zhah, the Ylidheem. However, the more powerful mysteries require sacrifice of living beings.

Due to Foreigner having morals mostly reflecting the British morality of the time despite being a magus, due to being only a second generation, he abstains from using humans as sacrifice, limiting himself to animals and Phantasmal creatures. This makes his sacrifices inefficient or infrequent, and so prevents him using the Noble Phantasms Anti-Army capabilities often.

HMS Erebus & HMS Terror:
Mine Vessels, Become those Mountains of Madness:A+ Anti-Fortress
Foreigner's two ships, the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, which the namesakes for the two active volcanoes he discovered in Antarctica. Said to be unusually strong, the two warships were sturdily built to withstand the recoil of their thirteen-inch heavy mortar cannons, able to fire high-trajectory shells over considerable distance to bombard enemy positions on land.

As a Foreigner, and a Heroic Spirit connected to Antarctica's very geography, his ships change drastically. Instead of wood, the hull has been converted into a sort of igneous rock, sharing colouration and texture with obsidian, like the volcanoes Foreigner christened, and the mortars deal catastrophic damage equal to a volcanic eruption. They also possess the ability to self-repair minor damage over a number of days but cannot repair major damage in a reasonable time frame.

Foreigner can materialise small portions of the ships battery for attacks without invoking the Noble Phantasms true name.

Slumbering Demon Bird God of the Frozen Continent: EX Anti-Country/Anti-Human Order
Foreigner is able to manipulate his connection with the Demon Bird God to utilise the powers of the Outer God over cold and ice and manifest Groth-Golkas’ avian avatar.

Foreigner is able to utilise Groth-Golkas’ powers over cold and ice in a fashion similar to a Marble Phantasm. However, he is not acting as an Elemental spirit of Earth, but of the planet Groth-Golka is native to, as the activation of this noble phantasm allows for Foreigner to forcefully impose an Alien System in the area around him, much like the ORT. Foreigner names this phenomenon as Glacial Dominion.

Foreigner can also use this Noble Phantasms main ability to manifest the avian avatar of the Outer God that was slain in the Dark Ages. This avatar takes the form of a phoenix of blue ice crystals, which can heal any wounds inflicted to it as long as it is inside the area of Glacial Dominion. The avian can be classified as Divine Beast on the level of Moby Dick or Typhon, as its mere presence can cause devastating blizzards, and alien ice that cannot melt at any temperature producible on earth, through mystery or otherwise. Foreigner can sacrifice this avatar to flash freeze an area the size of a country in this ice, in exchange for the avatar taking seven days to reform.

Despite the power of this Noble Phantasm, Foreigner advises against using it, although will on request within, what he considers, reasonable circumstances and limitations. This has two reasons behind it, first, Foreigner has an intense aversion to this Noble Phantasm, due to it reminding him of the traumatic event through which he gained his Foreigner classification.

The second reason, however, is the more important one. Foreigner has a set time limit that he can use this Noble Phantasm over a three-day period. Once the time limit runs out, it becomes Groth-Golka: Awakened Demon Bird God of the Frozen Continent(EX Anti-Continent/Anti-World). This causes Foreigner to lose control of his Noble Phantasm and allows Groth-Golka to manifest in its true form of pterosaur like creature.

Groth-Golka manifests mindless and completely autonomous of Foreigner, to the point it can ignore all commands short of those enhanced by a command seal. Groth-Golka will attack everything but Foreigner and his Master, as he seems to understand they are what keep him anchored to the world.

The Outer God has the capability to completely freeze areas of land the size of continents and expand the range of Glacial Dominion to continental range. If Groth-Golka manages to gather enough mana to destabilise its form, it can sacrifice to flash freeze the World, destroying all life on the planet, including Gaia and Alaya.

Interesting Anecdotes:

Of Sir James Clark Ross three manifest able classes, caster is the weakest, whilst Foreigner is the strongest.

Grimoire of Aphoom-Zhah: Record of The Cold Flame is the only Noble Phantasm that appears in all three versions of Sir James Clark Ross and is his second weakest Noble Phantasms.

All versions of Sir James Clark Ross have a ship based Noble Phantasms: HMS Erebus & HMS Terror: Mine Vessels, Become those Mountains of Madness: A+(Foreigner), HMS Cove: Ship of Arctic Crossing: C(Caster),Frozen Fleet: Vessels of Polar Exploration: A++(Rider)

Sir James Clark Ross destroyed the Grimoire of Aphoom-Zhah: Record of The Cold Flame, but passed on the rest of his family magecraft to his son James Coulman Ross.