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King of the End, Verthranga

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Class: Berserker
Other Class:Assassin, Avenger, Caster
True Name: Cain
Titles: Father/King of Murder/Killers, Father of Cities
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral(I know, seems like an odd choice, but will be explained)
Region of Origin:Christianity

Parameters:Normal (Skill/Noble Phantasm enhancement)
Strength: B+
Endurance: C(EX)
Mana: A+
Luck: D-
Noble Phantasm: A++

Height: 6’3”
Weight: 80kg
Gender: Male
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Likes: N/A(Due to Mad Enhancement)
Dislikes: N/A(Due to Mad Enhancement)
Talents: Murder
Armaments: Jawbone


This is the biblical Berserker, son of Adam and Eve, brother of Abel, the first human to die. The beginnings of his story are the same as the biblical one, as Berserker, a farmer, murders his brother with a jawbone after his brothers offering to the lord was taken in higher consideration than his. In response, the lord cursed him to walk the earth forever and no longer be able to tend to the land.

Where the story differs is that Berserkerdoes live for eternity, living through the Age of Gods, Age of Man, the time of Notes, and then alone on the dead Earth until the death of the universe. During this time, Berserkereventually isolated himself from the world, unable to deal with forming connections to those who would be dead in the blink of his eye.

Due to this isolation, Berserkerwas left with only his thoughts for company. This constant thinking over events that in which he could clearly remember his actions, but not his reasons, eventually led him to feel remorse for his actions. This caused him to turn his hatred for the Abrahamic God and his brother onto himself, creating a cycle that eventually led him to insanity, and, therefore, his Berserker class.


Berserkerdoesn’t truly manifest a personality in this form, as his madness enhancement has left him without enough reason to form tangible thought. However, on a subconscious level, his wish for the grail still drives him. To erase the moment, he murdered Abel from history, allowing him to die and his brother to live a full life.

Class Skills:

Mad Enhancement: B
Berserkerbenefits from the rank-up to his stats but suffers for the fact that he is no longer able to think clearly, limiting his utilisation of his second Noble Phantasm.

Magic Resistance: A+
Cancels all magecraft of A rank or bellow, no matter they High Thaumaturgy. Berserker has existed almost since the creation of the first man, and so has a ridiculous amount of Mystery, almost comparable to Divine Beasts like Bašmu. This means that when compared to modern magecraft he functions as a Magus Killer. He can even be said to be something that most Caster Servants would preferably avoid encountering

Personal Skills:

Killing Machine:A+++
A skill that marks it possessors as those that can be considered incarnations of murder. Killing Machine allows its wielders to utilise any item that comes into their possession as a tool for instilling death to other living beings. Berserkers’ version of this skill is the epitome as he is the Origin of the concept its basis stems from. This allows him to utilise any item that comes into his hands as an efficient killing tool.

Eternal Wanderer: EX
A skill that serves as Battle Continuation and Nature of a Rebellious Spirit of equal rank and boosts the servants Endurance to equal rank. Due to the lords’ curse on Berserkerthat he will walk the earth forever, he can only be defeated by the death of his master or critical damage to his Mana flow.

Opposition to the Gods:B+
A skill that acts like a specialised version of Counter Hero, causing any servant with Divinity to have a rank-down. In life Berserker murdered Abel, someone favoured by the Abrahamic God, and continued to found a civilization of people who scorned said God and ignored his teachings, the Cainites.

Noble Phantasm:

Mark of Cain:
Sevenfold Vengeance Granted by the Lord: A Anti-Unit(Self)
The cursed blessing placed upon Berserker by the Abrahamic God as punishment for his murder of his brother crystallised as a Noble Phantasm. This Noble Phantasm has a passive and active ability. It passively produces an invisible aura that causes plant life to die when any part of his body comes in contact with it. It actively has the ability to perform an attack seven times stronger than that which hit him.

The mark takes the form as a set of thick black lines in a symmetric pattern across his body, with a cross on his forehead. Despite their appearance as simple solid black markings, on closer inspection, the marks are revealed to be made up of intricate imagery inscribed in varying shades of black.

In his current state, Berserker is unable to exert any amount of control over the mark and so it is always in its active state. This manifests as a thick black miasma that seems to cling to Berserkers’ body, serving to hide his features.

Despite its overwhelming ability to incur damage seven times that dealt to him, Mark of Cain has five main faults:

First, due to the Noble Phantasms nature as being conveyed by the Abrahamic God, he is the only one it cannot affect. This fact is reflected by the flaw that items and magecraft with Holy properties can reduce the amount of damage incurred by the retaliation produced when they are used to harm Berserker, as they share the concept with the marks’ creator. Therefore, an item with EX rank Holy properties would have no retaliation, whilst an attack with A rank Holy properties would have an equal retaliation and so on.

Second, despite the fact the mark is a punishment, it falls under the definition of a blessing due to its protective nature. This means that its Holy properties will decrease the strength of attacks with cursed or Demonic properties proportional to the amount of power required to retaliate, going so far as nullifying the damage. Whilst this is a benefit, its drawback comes in the form that the retaliations strength is based on how much damage IS dealt, not SHOULD be dealt.

Third, when attacks containing divinity of any level encounter the mark, the two divinities come into conflict, causing a strange anomaly that causes the retaliation to form as an omni-directional wave, which greatly weakens the strength of the effect, instead of a precision counterstrike at the offending party.

Fourth, The Marks retaliation cannot change the underlining rank of the attack, and so it is more correct to describe the retaliation to a strike of E rank, for example, as seven of those same strikes performed at once, instead of a single E rank strike seven times more powerful.

Fifth and finally, the retaliation has a delay between the offending attack hitting, and the retaliation being launched that allows enemies to prepare defences or utilise the terrain to put objects between them and the attack to decrease its strength.

Father of Murder: [I know, not a great name. Still thinking of a better one]
Weapons Born from Death, To Bring Death:EX Anti-Unit/Anti-Life
Berserkers’ status as the forebearer of murderers crystallised as a Noble Phantasm as the ability to manifest any weapon that can be used for killing. These weapons manifest as the primordial blueprint for all weapons of their respective category, and so hold the strongest version of the concept to kill. Due to Berserkers class the true capabilities of this phantasm are unreachable, even through command seal.

Due to Mad Enhancement, Berserker does not have the mental fortitude necessary to manifest weapons more complex than a bow and arrow. Crossbows are beyond Berserkers’ mental abilities, let alone firearms or explosives.

For this same reason, Berserker is no longer able to incant the Aria needed to activate the weapons true Anti-Life ability. Therefore, Berserker can only use the passive ability that wounds created through these weapons cannot be healed through supernatural means, as and mystery that the wound comes in contact with causes it to become more severe.

Interesting Anecdotes:

All of Cains’ servant forms have the Noble Phantasms Mark of Cain: Sevenfold Vengeance Granted by the Lord and Father of Murder: Weapons Born from Death, To Bring Death

Of Cains’ servant forms, it is actually Assassin is actually his weakest, due to his relative youth when manifested in that form, followed by Avenger, due to his self-destructive nature, Berserker is next and Caster is his strongest, due to possessing amazing physical parameters for his class and masterful control of his Noble Phantasms.

Due to Cains’ origins being from before the Tower of Babel, he can speak the unified language, all though due to his inability to speak as a Berserker, it is not even worth mentioning.

Wow, that... That took me far longer than I expected. Hope you like it!