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Imperial Privilege

We're up all night to get spooky

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The upside of working three 13-hour days a week is that I have all of this free time now. That will go away when I go back to school some time next year or in 2021 if I really feel lazy, but in the meantime, I am making the most of it.

I got hired to work a haunted house this Halloween season. I worked a different haunt in a different city a few years ago. This new outfit has a much bigger budget with way more elaborate sets and costumes. I can't wait to suit up and scare the piss out of people again. I'm 6'4", so the head of casting has been eager to put me in something gruesome and let me loom over people like a clear and present danger. She even talked about possibly putting me in stilts to ramp up the fear factor.

I'm also using this time to learn a new part in Rocky Horror. I sporadically do midnight movies with a Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast in Atlanta, and I usually don ye olde golden Speedo to play Rocky himself. It keeps me motivated to stay at least moderately in shape. I'm hoping to add the star of the show, Tim Curry's Dr. Frank-n-furter, to my list of approved roles by the end of the year. I have two left feet when it comes to the big dance number at the end, but my coach told me I have a way for making it up in my stage presence and facial expressions. I'm not very physically coordinated, but at least I have physical charisma, she says.

I think that's a charitable way of saying I'm an aggressive attention whore.