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You know what's shit? Halo: Fireteam Raven.

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Why does this exist? There's so many other arcade rail shooters to learn from and emulate but here we are. A shitty Halo cash in.

Sit down with your fix mounted gun, and spray away at slow moving bullet sponge enemies that will manage to smack you without fail and there's no way to prevent them from doing so. Guaranteed loss of life. Just gotta have enough coins if you wanna finish.

Whereas skill, speed and accuracy will get you through other rail shooters. Virtua Cop? Obvious cursor counting down to them shooting you in the face, so prioritize your targets and hit them before they hit you. Time Crisis? Take cover. Gunblade? Shoot the missiles down. That's what a rail shooter should be like. Not spraying a bag of meat that continuously punches you in the face.

It's also so slow and boring. Witness the slow camera plod along and leisurely watch enemies walk onto the screen and stand there like absolute morons before they attack you. An Elite? It's definitely shooting you once before it goes down.

If I had to compare this game to the poops I have, it'd be like those 2am diarrheas that keep you up.

Yes, it was always going to be about shit.