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My Yugioh Deck Inspired by Aki Izayoi of Yu - gi - oh 5Ds

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And here I thought that I am finished with the discussions of Yu – Gi – Oh.

Can’t say this will be my last, but here is my deck list inspired by Izayoi Aki’s deck from Yu –gi – oh 5Ds. This deck is designed specifically just to place puzzles on my opponents. Winning the game is just a bonus.


tytannial, princess of camellias
talaya, princess of cherry blossoms
witch of the black rose
botanical lion
blue rose dragon
white rose dragon
prickle fairy
red rose dragon
twilight rose knight
ghost fairy elfobia
lonefire blossom 2x
hedge guard
ash blossom and joyous spring
rose lover 2x
aroma jar
evil thorn 3x
copy plant


double summon
lightning vortex
monster reborn
stardust shimmer
smashing ground
super polymerization
burial from a different dimension
super solar nutrient
seed cannon


defense draw
wall of disruption
jar of avarice
blooming of the darkest rose
unending nightmare
drastic dropoff
destruction jammer

extra deck

starving venom fusion dragon
phantasmal lord ultimitl bishbaalkin
star eater
beelze of the diabolic dragons
stardust spark dragon
clear wing synchro dragon
black rose moonlight dragon
black rose dragon
queen of thorns
garden rose maiden
number 101: silent honor ARK
downerd magician
slacker magician
aromaseraphy jasmine
wee witch's apprentice

As you can guess from my deck, it had multiple strategies instead of only focusing on one specialty. Different opponents use different decks. Tier decks are on another level which exploits the weaknesses of this deck more, but its main weaknesses are decks with banishing effects and decks that prevent usage of the graveyard as resource for summons.
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