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Music (VII): Hymmnos. Ar Tonelico et al.

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"Linen yor akata ar ciel, hymme xest pauwel."
Let me tell you a story about a world where the songs are the power .

Whoever knows Ar Tonelico by passing knows a video called I for Innuendo. That's one side of Arutone. The other side (out of 3) is girls that are pretty much computers on humanoid form, along with a Windows (Towers) and Mac analogy, (Infel Spira). And a beautiful Vista joke.

Of course the last side of Ar Tonelico is its language. Hymmnos is a weird combination of way too many languages including english, japanese, etc. There's also pastalian hymmnos, Ar Ciela, but it comes down to the same thing. What's interesting about it however, is that is a language of emotions and songs. And it contains a lot of styles: J-Pop, Opera, etc. Oh and understanding what the song is about makes the experience change. I'm talking about you, Exec_Z.

But wall of text aside, let's do what you may or may not come to see.

Ar Tonelico - Singing Hills [Harmonics Eolia/Frelia/Tilia] / [EXEC_Haverstasya]

The Ar Tonelico leitmotif. All the versions. Frelia's lyrics here, since I did not find a video with them (heretics!). I recommend the Harvestasya version AKA Woman goes to find his lover, kicks ass all the way.
"Rrha ki ra tie yor ini en nha"
" jYEzEtYA..."
"Was yea ra hymme EXA_PICO."

"Rrha ki ra tie yor ini en nha"

Ar Tonelico - Hymmnos Concert Side Blue - EXEC_CHRONICLE_KEY

A lullaby and a lamentation. Probably the only reason why you should choose Misha (Opinions and stuff).
"Was au ga whai pauwel ferda enter whou na nedle sor"

Ar Tonelico - Hymmnos Concert Side Red. - EXEC_PURGER#Aurica extracting.

An exorcism in... Indonesian style kinda sorta not really? Dunno. A haunting song about self-sacrifice.
" Was yea ra chs hymmnos mea"

Ar Tonelico II Concert Side Blue "Waterway ~ Mio" - EXEC_over.METHOD_SUBLIMATION/. omness chs ciel sos infel (To turn this immensity into a world of love)

A praise towards a new utopia. Best final boss music ever. Also with a Karacola version.
"Was apea ra chs yuez en yanje yanje pitod yor."

Ar Tonelico II Concert Side Red "Flame ~ Homura" - EXEC_SPHILIA

A duet about understanding. The first hymmnos that the best character of ATII sings. The electric guitar sells it.
"Mea nille yor."

Ar Tonelico III Concert Side Blue "Sakiya Rumei" - EXEC_FLIP_ARPHAGE

An aria on self-sacrifice toward the new world. Probably the best hymmnos of ATIII/Qoga. Both in context and out of it.
"Rrha yea ra hymme en echrra sos karf shyun tes lulurnya!!"

Ar Tonelico III Concert Side Red "Suzuno Miya" - EXEC_Z

A J-Pop song about self-slavery. That's all.
"Rrha quel ra clemenzen en manafeeze..."

Ar Ciel ~ Ar Dor - The Forest of Shelanoir

A romantic song about two lovers. Probably the best hymmnos song.
" wsyera syat eell revv sstaary"

Will probably do a round 2 at some point since I missed a lot of my favorites (EXEC_VIENA and Kokoro Katare for starters) but yeah.