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R.I.P. MirrorMoon And Other News

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Just checked mirror moon again. Even though they were already dead by the time I found out about them, it's still kinda sad knowing their officially retired now. Especially since I just spent over two hours checking out the various VN translators (haeleth, insani, etc.), only to find them all long dead.
I wonder if there are any left at all.

In other news: I might be creating a humerous 4 panel comic. Currently I need to clear up some confusion I have about the posting process and community guidelines, though.

Updated June 22nd, 2020 at 09:51 PM by Cypher Attic (Fixed messy formatting.)

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  1. Cypher Attic's Avatar
    I saved this post as a draft and got super confused. Figured it out though
  2. Criarino's Avatar
    Another god has fallen
  3. Bookworm Luke's Avatar
    Mirror Moon's contribution could not be understated. Type Moon's popularity in the English-speaking world was greatly bolstered by Mirror Moon's translation.
    "Baby's First Type Moon" was Mirror Moon's Fate translation a lot of the time.
    They should retire with pride knowing that they laid the foundation of the fandom.
  4. aldeayeah's Avatar
    godspeed ryuusoul, takajun and all the rest

    may life treat you well


    i can only assume Message is now developing installers for some major software company