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Create-A-Servant: K-T Extinction Event

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Can the space rock that killed off the dinosaurs be turned into a waifu? I say yes!

After initial posting I looked over some of the feedback I got. If I were to change anything about this sheet it would be to flesh out her character more and try to tie her to Mesoamerican Mythology as apparently the Chicxulub impactor carried microorganisms that became the Mesoamerican pantheon? Fate lore is whack, y'all.

I tried to tie her to the Fomorian King Balor through a "burning eye" motif. Balor's burning eye would become her burning through the atmosphere reflected in people's eyes. Whether it's successful or not is debatable.

The faceclaim is Minase Amaha from the anime adaptation of Witchblade. The image for [Starfall] is also from the Witchblade franchise. The image for [The Eye of Balor] comes from the MTG card Fire Prophecy.

I'm not sure if all the skills work properly but the general idea is that she's a close-range brawler who punches people with her flaming fists and can create swords and whips from her body. I'd like for her to be the final threat of a Holy Grail War. Maybe she and someone else are the last two standing and the heroes know that if they fail she'll cast Meteor on the World.

Another angle I could see this Servant take could be an ancient astronomer who has been possessed by "Katey" and is trying to influence the movement of celestial bodies in order to redirect an asteroid towards Earth.

EDIT: The hider picture is the the MTG card Star of Extinction.

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What a miserable little planet. The Fomorian won't mind if I take this. I'm only going to finish what he failed to start…

"Beast Zero"

"I will crush you all underfoot. Only then will my purpose be fulfilled."


Foreigner is an extraterrestrial entity that identifies herself as Genesis, although she also responds to the name "Katey". A fragment of a lost world, she hurled through space until she found herself in the gravity well of a star. This star possessed a planet within its solar family that was teeming with life, although it had yet to produce truly sentient creatures. The probability of a foreign object large enough to end nearly all life on the planet was incalculably low. And yet that's exactly what Genesis did. She streaked across the primordial sky, wreathed in flames. Her destructive visage was burned into the retinas of the creatures below before 75% of all life on the planet was snuffed out.

Although she existed in a time before Proper Human History, humans have uncovered traces of her existence. A massive crater in Mexico, a boundary within the Earth's strata and the fossilized remains of her countless victims all paint a grim picture of the K-T extinction event within the mind's eye of humanity. Floods, earthquakes and even volcanic eruptions can be prepared for. But something like her, an alien invader bringing the equivalent of 10 billion atomic bombs to bear upon the planet? Nothing could ever prepare humanity for that. And so humanity gazed up into the stars, with equal wonder and fear.

It was from this fear that a wraith was created. The collective anxiety felt by all birthed from it a new Beast within the Sea of Imaginary Numbers. Although small and powerless this "Beast" only had one desire: eradication. Locating a similar entity to herself, the defeated king of a race of Gods, she hijacked his Saint Graph and awaited the day to manifest above the World once again. Although her return is a statistical improbability, all improbabilities become possibilities given enough time and patience.

Class: Foreigner
True Name: Genesis
Aliases: K-T Event, "Katey"
Other Classes: None
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Place of Origin: Mexico?
Source: Humanity, Irish Mythology


NP: A+

Height: 165 cm (5’4’’)
Weight: 79 kg (176 lbs)
Likes: Nothing
Dislikes: Life
Talent: Destruction
Natural Enemy: Humanity, Yuri Gargarin, Dinosaurs
Attribute: Beast
Armament: Herself
Catalyst: The eyelash of a Fomorian

Class Skills

Authority of Beasts (D): An Anti-Human Skill that enhances the skillholder's capacity to harm existences that are classified as Humans. This is the skill typically held by Beasts. Foreigner is not a true Beast but she is an effective killer of those who reside in the World regardless. When fighting against those who have failed to escape Earth’s gravity she gets a rank-up to STR.

Existence Outside the Domain (C): The class skill shared by Foreigners. Foreigner is the remnant of a lost civilization that brought destruction upon itself. She was flung across the cosmos and crashed into a planet teaming with life.

Independant Manifestation (E): A special Skill that permits unsupported manifestation into reality, without necessity of energy cost or of summoning by a Master. Foreigner’s first manifestation was before recorded history and ever since her existence was detected, humanity’s collective consciousness created the possibility of an entity like her showing up again. However, manifestation within a Grail War requires a Master, so this skill only grants the equivalent of a C-rank in Independant Action.

Personal Skills

Mana Burst (Flame) (D): The increase in performance caused by infusing one's weapons and body with Magical Energy and instantly expelling it. Simply put, recreating the effect of a jet burst by expending large amounts of Magical Energy. Through rapid movement, Foreigner’s body will become covered in flames, a recreation of her initial descent through the atmosphere. She cannot control it as it is endemic to her body but quick bursts of speed and punches rivaling those of Heracles become possible.

Mystic Eyes (Terror) (B): A Skill where one has possession of Mystic Eyes, capable of imparting magical effects upon a subject and interfering with the outside world. Upon seeing something frightening most human eyes will dilate, hence the phrase ‘seeing the whites of their eyes’. Foreigner confers these ‘white-eyes’ to those around her, making it easy for others to discern her true identity in exchange for being harder to engage with in battle unless a Servant possesses the skill Bravery.

Voyager of the Stars (D): A skill that makes the impossible possible, allowing for planet-to-planet voyaging. Her low-rank means she has trouble controlling her direction and momentum.

Noble Phantasm(s)


~Alien Metallurgy~

Type: None
Rank: C
Range: N/A
Max Targets: 1

Many weapons throughout history and legend were said to have come from "off world". Mjölnir was forged by a pair of dwarf brothers from the heart of a star. The most holy sword, Excalibur, was spat out of the Earth's core, which itself is made of alien metal that impacted the planet during its infancy. Even humanity itself is said to contain trace elements produced by stars light years away. It seems that all things, alive and not, are children of the stars.

The metal that Foreigner's body is constructed of is not a proper Noble Phantasm. It has no basis in history or mythology. If one was to summon Gilgamesh and somehow convince him to search his vast treasure trove no such prototype would be found. This ability only receives the classification of Noble Phantasm because the armaments Foreigner can produce from her body are on par with other Noble Phantasms that have a similar function. It is a substance not native to Earth and therefore exists somewhere outside the domain, a place where only Outer Gods can reside.

The Eye of Balor

~Once I Awaken, All that I See will Cease to Exist~

Type: Anti-Army
Rank: B+
Range: 0~200
Max Targets: 50

King Balor was a Fomorian, an entity that fought against the god Lugh, king of the Tuatha Dé Danan. Balor possessed an eye of "poison" that when opened unleashed unspeakable destruction. The World would luckily not bear witness to the full potential of the ultimate Mystic Eye as Balor was slain by his grandson Lugh during the Battle of Mag Tuired. The power of his awful eye required the strength of four gods to properly seal away forever. It remained in the Sea of Imaginary Numbers, until...

A carryover of the Saint Graph Foreigner hijacked. As Foreigner's first manifestation was her blazing form reflected in the eyes of virtually all sentient life on Earth she was drawn to the destructive power of Balor's Eye as it was the closest thing that matched her own destructive act. This Noble Phantasm was supposed to have been sealed away forever along with its bearer, but Foreigner's meddling has now brought it back into the World with some alterations. Not being a Fomorian herself the Eye has migrated to her right arm. Holding it up and releasing its True Name will cause it to open, unleashing a destructive, fiery blast on par with a B-rank anti-army Noble Phantasm. The blast can be focused for range and accuracy, or widened to cover a larger area. Out of the gate this Noble Phantasm's destructive potential has been greatly decreased, but if Foreigner was to gain access to a massive reserve of mana then its true form could be unleashed...


Foreigner is cruel, cold and calculating. However she is not insane. The fact that she understands all those around her perfectly makes her cruelty even more appalling. Life to her is not precious, it is only something she desires to snuff out. She is incapable of compassion, love, or hate. Foreigner only cares about fulfilling her function, fully knowing that it will bring about her own end as well. This is the temperament of a being who was born only to die. Only the most unhinged and genocidal Master will be able to align their own goals with hers. The rest would simply be disposed of and replaced.

Why she calls herself Genesis is a mystery. Possibly it is because her actions, as destructive as they were, paved the way for humanity to inherit the ashes she left behind. Perhaps by calling herself Genesis she is claiming ownership of humanity, and as their creator she is exercising her privilege to destroy them.

If she were to ever make a wish upon the Grail, there would be no survivors.


"Hello. I am the entity Genesis. My only desire is to eradicate all life. If you share this desire you will have the privilege of being my Master. If not, your life will be sacrificed. Choose your next words wisely."

"A pitiful existence, humanity is…"

(To Yuri Gargarin)
"You dare mock me by flying high above the World? Then I will guarantee that you will only land on ashes."

(To Kijyo Koyo)
"You think that form frightens me? I've eaten millions of you for breakfast."

Creator’s Notes:

katey would do what k-t did

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