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RE: Fate/Grand Order - Story Features

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  • The Hidden Name System: Hidden Names are back! Originally introduced in Epic of Remnant, they stopped showing up when Cosmos in the Lostbelt dropped. These Hidden Names are exactly as they sound: a Servant’s true identity is obscured with a title like Archer of Shinjuku or Avenger of Bermuda. Some official Servants like Francis Drake will receive Hidden Names like Rogue Rider, as well as fan made Servants who will receive Hidden Names like Archer of the Underworld. Granted, their True Names are already on the sheet, blacked out. But assume that their Hidden Names are used for the story until Chaldea reveals their True Names.
  • Phantoms: Phantoms will make an appearance again. They were originally introduced in Shinjuku and played minor roles in Agartha, but they were not used again. What they are what I call “lesser Heroic Spirits” because they are existences that did not gain enough recognition as much as a real Heroic Spirit does. Some Phantoms manifested by bonding together or bonding with a Heroic Spirit, such as with the case with Hessian Lobo and James Moriarity. Some of the Servants I will add will either be Phantoms or Phantoms fused with Servants. However, I won’t be focusing a lot on Phantoms, so don’t expect them to show up every Singularity.
  • Singularity Continuity: This means that while the story in the Singularities will try to be as stand alone as possible, there will be some minor plot points that connect them all in general. For example, Solomon_■■■■■■ is a whole lot busier here, traveling through Singularities to insure the Incineration of Humanity proceeds as planned, which will be brought up in each Singularity as “the mysterious mage traveling between worlds”. Another example would be the idea that certain magical artifacts from the 4th Singularity will start to show up in the Singularities before it. So expect some call-backs and call-forwards in my Singularities.
  • Chance for Pseudo-Singularity: What this means is that I might put together a Pseudo-Singularity that is similar to the Tokugawa event, which was a spinoff Prologue Event to Lostbelt 4. I want to finish the first 5 main Singularities first, so these Pseudo-Singularities might start to show up after the 4th Singularity. They might not even be limited to the New Singularities! I already have an idea for the Sixth Singularity, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.
  • Post-Singularity Corrective Reinterpretation: This is really confusing to people, but let me explain. In the Babylonian Singularity, Gilgamesh gives us context about Singularities in general saying to Chaldea, “You were told that once a Singularity is undone everything returns as it used to be...well, that's a lie, everyone that perishes won't be brought back to life, history will only change their manner of death.” This was never brought about in the first Singularities, which I thought was the reason F/GO suffered drastically in its writing in the earlier days. Of course, those days were when DW weren’t taking it seriously because they never thought their game would become so popular. This is what I plan to do: when the Singularity is fixed, all memories of the Singularity that came to pass would be erased by the corrective force. While the source of the Singularity and its effects are gone, human lives and the damage of reality is not fixed at all. What follows is history writing off the deaths and damage as something that is logical and consistent to the timeline.
    - For example, the Dragon attacks in the old Orleans Singularity where reinterpreted as attacks by wild animals. There is also the fact that this did not erase the grudges and hate of the people caused by Jeanne Alter’s actions.
    - There are also examples in which corrective force will have an extremely hard time to explain. Like how do you explain medieval Celtic Warriors in 18th century America and they have already taken half the country? There would be no way to correct this thoroughly. My Singularities are going to try to keep themes together, and not combine polar opposite eras together.
  • Singularities Can Grow If Left Alone: As the title says, Singularities are an existence close to a black hole on the timeline. They can start to have a pronoun effect on the surrounding eras and time periods, affecting and revising their history with their own. Having 7 Singularities in different points in time are bound to destroy humanity very quickly by engulfing the timeline; not to mention the higher the Human Foundation Value is, the faster and larger the Singularity can grow. Some of them can even last years, which will be the case for one of the Singularities that started at an extremely low Human Foundation Value and grew from there. In any case, removing one Singularity at a time does slow down and even counters the Incineration of Humanity, but it does not stop them from growing on their own and consuming everything.
  • Invisible Text/■■■■■ Text Hides Spoilers: You’ll start to notice some invisible text, which are just phrases hidden in a dark font color that blends in with the background color. This is hiding spoilers of the Servant’s True Name or major plot points in the Singularity. I know this seems rather weird to have spoilers in the first place, but I think it is cool. And if you want to read the spoilers, just highlight the whole sheet and you will be able to see it. To indicate invisible text, I will use the * symbol at the beginning and end of each spoiler sentence. And for text that is hidden by square text, it isn’t just spoilers, but it is not supposed to be seen (yet). Like the case for the square text next to Solomon’s name. I know people already know Solomon’s true identity, but I want to keep up the immersion of thinking that Solomon is the responsible party.
  • Using Other Users’ Fan Made Servants: This will be the hardest part. I want to include other people’s Servants because I feel like they manage to make them more beautifully than I ever could. I will use custom Servants of my own as well. Don’t worry, I plan to credit all creators.
  • Singularity Themed Mystic Codes: After seeing the Babylonian and Camelot Mystic Codes, I thought it would be cool if I made some custom made Mystic Codes based on the Singularities. It would be awesome (and kind of funny) to see Ritsuka going into battle wearing a Roman toga or Pirate outfit. Keep in mind though, not all Singularities will receive a Singularity Themed Mystic Code, since DW already made official Mystic Codes that matches the theme of my new Singularities (*cough* *cough* Mage's Association Uniform *cough* *cough*).

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