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I have sure been shitting a lot....

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Yesterday and today. Just so much shit. Maybe it was the milk I drank. Maybe all the hololive drama has me shitting myself. Or maybe using ZBrush at work has driven me to shit in rage. Oh god I hate 3D sculpting so much. Why did I choose this career path? It was a big bloody mistake. Or maybe Spiritfarer is making me shit all my feels. Perhaps I am shitting myself in laughter due to how funny playing Among Us with my friends was. Maybe my sudden bowel movement was just a reflection of how much money I wasted on lewdly shaped PVC.

Sure are a lot of reasons to shit regardless. I guess it's better than being constipated.


  1. Ratman's Avatar
    I'm going to pin it on the Taiwan thing. This is conjecture based on the 3D modelling comment.

    but hey if you want to be a vtuber, you got the naughty part down
  2. Strange_One's Avatar
    Being curious I decided to look up. Wow. Anything is a battleground for these people.

    The holo live thing. Not your shit.