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How did all you shitters end up here anyway? And how far have you gone?

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I read the sypnosis of a crappy pirated Tsukihime anime box set and thought it sounded interesting. Then I went home and pirated it myself. The anime left me with immense dissatisfaction so I ended up looking if it was an adaptation - as I did with every anime I was dissatisfied with. And the rest is history.

Now I blog at random intervals about literal shit. Been a journey.


  1. Leftovers's Avatar
    Saw some dude with an Archer avatar on a fanfiction site and asked him where it's from. Then watched KnK 1 because it looked like a cooler and more mature anime. Searched for KnK info and instead found love.

    Boys' Love.
  2. Ratman's Avatar
    Saw a DEEN Stay Night AMV on a con in 2006 or 7 and figured I might as well watch the show, then got pointed to Tsukihime from 4chan.
  3. LJ3's Avatar

    Still here
  4. Kirei_fucker69's Avatar
    I was bored so I watched Deen Stay Night and then wanted to watch more. etc etc.
    Embarrassingly enough, the original vn is the furthest I've gone
    Updated May 23rd, 2021 at 02:16 PM by Kirei_fucker69