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Welcome, welcome, enjoy my works!
Find inspiration in the Servants of a Maniac who loves weird creations!
I am the King of Foreigners, Lord over the mysterious Voyagers, Guard of the Gatekeepers, and on my head rests an ephemeral Crown of Pretenders!
Come and challenge me!
Rival me in shitpost Servants! Attempt to mimic my reveals!
Most humble person in this forum!
Simp for me, like I simp for the other creators here!
The mark my personal favorites and the ones I won stuff with.

The Corner of the Heavens

Divine Spirits. Demons from beyond the Void. Servants of the Sky and the realms beyond it. Spirits that are powered by something much bigger.

The Dreaming King, The King of Dreams
Foreigner – Sigmund Freud
Foreigner - Sigmund Freund (Redux)

Removing the Mask
Ruler - Carl Jung (Counter Agent)

Father of Unlit Depths
Avenger/Pretender - Freud Id

Nny'ann M'e'ow: Harvester of Furniture, The Sleeper in the Box, The Was and Is.
Foreigner - Macak

Anxiety and Dust
Foreigner – Edvard Munch/Dorian Gray
Foreigner - Edvard Munch | Dorian Gray (Redux)

Colors and Flames
Lover/Avenger - Edvard Munch | Holika

Child between the Flames
Rider - Prahlad (Lily)

Death and Sand
Assassin/Pretender - Munch-Pesta

Rule or be Ruled
"Lancer" - "Trader"
Foreigner - Jesse Livermore (Softreboot)

They should not have listened
Foreign Archer - Florence Foster Jenkins

Tasting the Cold
Foreigner - Sir John Franklin

Melting the Ice
Alter-Ego - Sir James Ross & Lady Franklin

The Light in the Dark
Foreigner - Amadeus (Lily)
Foreigner - Twinkle Star

Stellar Bulwark
Shielder - Gordolf Musik = John III Sobieski

The Maid/Hag of the last Bridge
Gatekeeper - Daena

One last Death...please
Berserker - Hyas

She likes to do her Nails
Saber - Thrud

Just like Snow
MoonCancer - Yuki-Onna

The Bloody Sword of War
Foreigner - Amir Timur

The Shining Shield of Light
Shielder - Canaan/Nekhbet

The Poisoned Lance of Chaos
Lancer - Alphard/Wadjet

The Brightest Light
Watcher - Ra

Daimons of the Throne
Gatekeeper | Rider - The Pallanides
Gatekeeper | Rider - The Pallanides

Fangs of Ice
Avenger - Vengeful Amur Tiger

Forgotten Piano Prince?
Avenger/Alter-Ego - Sergej Rachmaninoff (Lily)

King of the Slavic Nav
Caster - Veles

Poetess of the Cradle Tree
Voyager - Enheduanna-Nikkal

Mankind's Funeral March
Caster - Wolfgang Amdusias Mozart

Guardian of the Rotting Roots
Gatekeeper - Orcus

Red Winds Rising
Archer/Pretender - Vivaldi-Aeolos

White Stars Descending
MoonCancer - Gustav Holst & Johannes Hevelius

White Stars Guarding
Gatekeeper - Elisabeth Hevelius

White Stars Loving
Binder - Elisabetha & Johannes Hevelius (Summer)

Lost Stars Gathering
MoonCancer/Pretender - Elisabetha ○ Kupalnitsa

The Sea Queen and her Companion
Lancer - Amphitrite & Delphin

Dance of Time
False Ruler - The Horai

The Sunken Pope
Foreigner - Clement I

The Candle lighting her own Darkness
Binder - St. Jane Frances de Chantal

Black Deluge
Assassin - Nodens

Crawling Night and Freezing Sun
Foreigner - Sigbjorn Obstfelder

Soaring towards a new Dawn
Foreigner - Leonhard Euler

Calamity Sun
Foreigner - Yang Guifei (Revision)

Drowning in Dreams
Foreigner - Frédéric Chopin

Curiosity, Boundless as the Sea
Binder - Rán & Rider - Aegir

The Corner of the Realms

The regular people who carved their way into history without the interference of the Divine.

A Monster of Humanity
Foreigner - Adolf Hitler

President of the Fallen Castle
'Rider' - Paul von Hindenburg

A Pillar of Music
Voyager | Lancer - Franz Liszt

Reading Nature
Voyager-Assassin - Caspar David Friedrich

Snake in Human Skin
Ruler/Faker - Charles Augustus Milverton/Howell

Unloved Wails of the Falsely Living
Alter-Ego - Golden Bride Fran

Steps of Gold
Voyager - Mansa Musa

Pirate King
Rider - Henry Every

King of Pianists
Saber - Sergej Rachmaninoff

Even his Class name could be a pun at this point
Ruler - "Nicolas Bourbaki"

Europe's Will
Saver - Ludwig van Beethoven (Dur / Light)

The Shadow of the Symphony
Berserker - Ludwig van Beethoven (Moll / Dark) in collaboration with BnEl15

Teacher's Forgotten Lamentation
Caster - Ludwig van Beethoven (Lily)

King of one Day's Revolution
Berserker - Daniel Auber

Heart of Glass
Caster/Faker - "Mr. Glass"

Unblossomed Melody
Gatekeeper - Lili Boulanger

Flower Paths and the Smell of Paint
Voyager - Camille Monet

Matron of the Hearth
Avenger - St. Olga of Kiev in collaboration with Morg van Destro

The Final Equation
Binder - "The Langlands Project"

The Corner of the Seasons

Festivals. Summer and Winter. Spring and Fall. Fun and Joy. Shitposts and Half-Serious Stuff.

Dreams of Clouds and Booze
Foreigner - Sigmund Freud (Summer)

Saver of the Beach!
Saver - Super Saver aka Twinkle Star (Summer)

The Spirit of Easter!
Alter-Ego - Eostre = Ishtar/Freyja

Protectress of some special gates
Gatekeeper - Athena (Summer)

Halloween Killer
Assassin - Dorian Gray | Edvard Munch

Santas of the Silver Night
Rider - Veles & Rachmaninoff (Santa)

Santa of the Golden Night
Caster - Mansa Musa (Santa) aka Santa Musa

Santa of the Silent Night
Foreigner - Sir John Franklin (Santa)

Santa of the Peaceful Night
Saver - Baldr Jölnir

Guide to the Savior
Watcher - Star of Bethlehem

Ready for the Egg Hunt
Foreigner - Nitocris

The Myth, The Legend
Grand Berserker - The Florida Man

The Rigid Vortex
Grand Assassin - Him

Man among Men
Grand Lancer - The Man

Sweaty Tentacle Pope
Foreigner - Saint Clement I (Summer)

Smell of Pasta, Sound of Strings
Rider - Vivaldi-Hippotades

Spooktacular Duo
Berserker - Tarrare & Twinkle Stars in collaboration with WhiteFrenzy

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