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Welcome, welcome, enjoy my works!
Find inspiration in the Servants of a Maniac who loves weird creations!
Look at my attempts to make something more out of Foreigners, I am the local Lord of Foreigners after all!
But please, I do more than just Outer Gods x Humanity, I enjoy regular gods and special extra classes too.


The Dreaming King, The King of Dreams
Foreigner – Sigmund Freud

His Nightmare became true after his Death
Foreigner – Edvard Munch/Dorian Gray

They should not have listened
Foreign Archer - Florence Foster Jenkins


The Light in the Dark
Foreigner - Amadeus (Lily)

A Monster of Humanity
Foreigner - Adolf Hitler
Own Opinion:
I did that guy. I was surprised by myself. From a small note few weeks ago I made him happen in a bit over a day. I saw few other sheets on him and none really did what I had in mind for this monster. But he works perfectly for the concept idea that someone left humanity behind in the absolute wrongest sense. While there are many evil humans in history and some are in FGO and treated "neutral", it wouldnt fit him, because the distance to his actions and the knowledge about him is ever present. He is one of the most famous or rather infamous persons in history and therefore in theory one of the strongest in the Fateverse despite his recency. But at the same time he is hated like barely any other person. So a radical way to balance it out - his curse. In terms of creepy Foreigner level he is pretty much up there. If I were to ever do the ideas i have for other iterations/Alts of my Servants, he could be among them, because I kinda like the concept of using his underlings as tools. Like Heydrich something that spits the gas or Keitel as another weapon or stuff.
(Yeah, he was controversial, at least he got some points in the contest back then. I still stand that my interpretation is the best I have seen here. Other writers here depicted him as bad ass or at a beach, I depicted him as the Monster he is. A Foreigner without Outer God, because he himself was so inhumane, the world let him basically go.

Money rules the world, but he rules over money
"Lancer" - "Trader"


The Maid/Hag of the last Bridge
Gatekeeper - Daena

One last Death...please
Berserker - Hyas

Tasting the Cold
Foreigner - Sir John Franklin

Melting the Ice
Alter-Ego - Sir James Ross & Lady Franklin

She likes to do her Nails
Saber - Thrud

Just like Snow
MoonCancer - Yuki-Onna

The Spirit of Easter!
Alter-Ego - Eostre = Ishtar/Freyja )

Teaser I wrote for the next four Servants

The Bloody Sword of War
Foreigner - Amir Timur

The Shining Shield of Light
Shielder - Canaan/Nekhbet

The Poisoned Lance of Chaos
Lancer - Alphard/Wadjet

The Brightest Light
Watcher - Ra

Own Opinion:
I like what I did here. It was a long term project for me that led to a Blog Post about Egypt and four sheets. Connecting Algol and the names he received with the Evil Eye concept across the globe and with the most famous beheader was fun. Algol was early on in my list, but finding fitting Servant took a while, I asked for inspiration back in Fall. Then discovering the Eye of Horus as the counter to the Evil Eye led me into the rabbit hole and the faceclaim of Alphard basically forced me to go with that overarching plot idea. I have the general gist for a story, but like with Frankling/Ross I likely wont write something bigger for them. What I sadly forgot to describe was how Apophis finds her end in the story.
In Mythology there was a ritual to dispose of them that I would mirror in combat against her:
  • Spitting Upon Apep
  • Defiling Apep with the Left Foot
  • Taking a Lance to Smite Apep
  • Fettering Apep
  • Taking a Knife to Smite Apep
  • Putting Fire Upon Apep

I vaguely imagine it as a process of undoing her birth with the spitting part representing Neiths spit and the fire as Atum/Ra. If in combat against her and fulfilling the steps in that order, will gradually weaken her, until Canaan/Nekhbet finishes her of with overloading her NPs.
Ra happened thx to BnEl15 great Watcher Jack, I almost discarded it, but his sheet inspired me to give it a chance. Faceclaims seem weird at first, but as Ra was summoned to make Canaan to Canaan/Nekhbet the appearances for the gods were necessary.

Demons of the Throne
Gatekeeper | Rider - The Pallanides

A Pillar of Music
Voyager | Lancer - Franz Liszt

Stellar Bulwark
Shielder - John III Sobieski

President of the Fallen Castle
'Rider' - Paul von Hindenburg

Nny'ann M'e'ow: Harvester of Furniture, The Sleeper in the Box, The Was and Is.
Foreigner - Macak

Colors and Flames
Lover/Avenger - Edvard Munch (Spring)

Dreams of Clouds and Booze
Foreigner - Sigmund Freud (Summer)

Rule or be Ruled
Foreigner - Jesse Livermore (Softreboot)

Saver of the Beach!
Saver - Super Saver aka Twinkle Star (Summer)

Foreigner - Sigmund Freund (Redux)

Anxiety and Dust
Foreigner - Edvard Munch | Dorian Gray (Redux)

Current Projects:

child between ashes

she hates priapos and casanova

Planned / worked at:

The One groomed to become a Beast

The Good and The Bad, controlled by The Ugly(Some things should not be forced in)

The One Fool that did not flee (Rider-like HPL Foreigner)

The One Genius that did flee (Ruler)

The Broken Man, determined to fight himself and his kind (Alter-Ego)

He who found the Counter Force ( idk yet )

He who hates the Counter-Force (Avenger)

The Royal Road to the Outer God (Archer/Caster-like HPL Foreigner?)

Gold and Black


3rd time's the charm!

Blog explaining some outer Gods

Concepts without vision so far (Servants and Themes I want to explore later):
(I have a weird way of finding my projects. I first find a concept i want to explore and then I find the possible candidates for it. It basically increases the workload)

Star Wars?!

Just the Guy chilling at the Nexus (probably Servant-Verse, therefore non-HPL Foreigner)

The Avatars of him (Foreigners)

The One that punched a hole in the Sky (non-HPL Foreigner)

Far Eastern Theater/Kabuki


HPL himself (Believe it or not, likely not Foreigner)

liminal spaces

Senses (Perfume/Smell, Silence/Sounds, different Servants probably)

Discarded for now:

The Ones that stirred the flames and invited them (After more research i saw that made me interested in the entities was too recent to use. I hope my ideas can be salvaged elsewhere. One I had was discarded one day later, because Nasu made some comments about that specific context. Fuck me, dude.)
"Spoiler" for those who wanna see my dead ideas

Nug and Yeb, the Twin Blasphemies connected to Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf and Gavrilo Princip. I wanted to use the imagery of Torch of Nug and Furnace of Yeb with the Biblical Vision of the Blazing Torch and Smoking Furnace as a rough basis to predict the First World War perhaps. Additionally i wanted to make it the "Blazing Torch without Flame" and the "Smoking Furnace without Fire" as a symbol that Nug and Yeb can somehow split Actio = Reactio into "Actio =" and "= Reactio". Gavrilo as the Torch who ignited the flames of war with his assassination in Sarajewo and Hötzendorf as the Furnace, who was ready to receive the flames of war, as an infamous warmonger. Gavrilo gained more fame over time, still being celebrated as a Serbian Hero, while Hötzendorf, who was celebrated as a tactical genius of his time, lost reputation for his actually bad tactics because he was stuck in his old ways and his major part in the July Crisis, that led to the start of WWI. I even considered splitting the timeline and not make them a Duo Servant, who hate each other, but seperate, but connected Servants, who work in different timelines. One with male and one with female Ritsuka, perhaps working together with another creator here. The reason would have been that cutting the Actio = Reactio formula is too big of a concept and it would only apply if the system was not isolated, so the effects had to me outsourced to other timelines. But the imagery of Torch and Furnace could not be properly streamlined for them and despite even proposing a Perpetual Motion Mana Mechanism between them, it simply did not work out to 100%. The Nail in the coffin was that the Torch and Furnace aspect of them, the core reason why i was interested in those no names who just act as parents to Cthulhu and Tsathoggua, was recent from the 90's. Too early for my taste.
Perhaps I can reuse some aspect of this rough concept later. I then wanted to use Gavrilo as a Grand Assassin Candidate, filling the vacancy of King Hassan with the core reason being that his 'stealthy operation' led to the death of all victims of WWI and arguably WWII. Gavrilo will always be the simples and most direct answer to "what started WWI" and when explaining WWII, one cant ignore WWI. So that was my idea. But then i saw that in 2020 Nasu himself said in an interview, that the Grand Assassin Throne is permanently vacant, because Hassan was the only candidate.
Fuck me.

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