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Here my Servants so far so i have them in one place. Yes I do like Foreigner, I make a story around that and more will come. After that other stuff is in planning.

The Dreaming King, The King of Dreams:
Foreigner Sigmund Freud

His Nightmare became true after his Death:
Foreigner Edvard Munch/Dorian Gray

They should not have listened:
Foreign Archer - Florence Foster Jenkins

The Light in the Dark:
Foreigner - Amadeus (Lily)

A Monster of Humanity:
Foreigner - Adolf Hitler

Money rules the world, but he rules over money
"Lancer" - "Trader"

The Maid/Hag of the last Bridge
Gatekeeper - Daena

One last Death...please
Berserker - Hyas

Tasting the Cold
Foreigner - Sir John Franklin

Melting the Ice
Alter-Ego - Sir James Ross / Lady Franklin

She likes to do her nails
Saber - Thrud
My opinions on my own sheets a while after release:

Freud: I think my sheet with the most logical background. Foreigner's live of a nice and solid background to grant us a reason to believe why exactly they were chosen. His connection to dreams, drugs and England works perfectly with Kuranes and still stand to that. He is a non-combatant, I can envision his attacks in FGO, but not in a real story. First sheet, therefore likely to get a skill rework one day.

Munch/Gray: I am kinda happy about him. I had a certain vision what Foreigner's could be and literally few weeks after FGO did it with Clytie Van Gogh. One of my more extensive sheets, i have a vision how he would fight, but idk how his skill set will hold up when I had more experience. Regarding his backstory I mysellf am still mixed. I stand that he is predestined to become a vessel of some sorts, why he became the vessel can come of as forced. I still like that they are so polar opposites and therefore kinda work together. And i wasnt able to add a certain creepy factor in him that the "true" Foreigners kinda need.

Florence: For her I had a clear vision how she should fight, but the rest was so much work. I had literally a month to recreate her and I still feel something is missing. At first I wanted her Benefactor to be Ghroth, from him I had the NP, but in my research i got baited and he isnt that old like his "circle" suggested. I was happy to see the concept is not original to that universe and I could still use it. In the end the entity is not from HPL, just basically a predecessor. I put the most effort into the presentation of this sheet tho. Her review section was a hell to edit for me. Still happy about that.

The little Star: I had so much fun creating him. The idea of making a servant for the song sounded childish, but cool. While researching it just all fell into place. The background of the song, my idea to use Paimon as a base, the skills, the relationships. Like a Servant made to be created. I am especially proud of his character. He even got the most reactions to my sheets so far. Ironic, because he was done the fastest of all my sheets, released and unreleased. If i would change something it would be the pioneer skill, da vinci child has a similar skill that basically works the same and has the even better name "Dreams for the Stars". Missed opportunity.
And I am salty as heck i released it in the normal thread, if I had waited i could have released him for the "Dreamers" contest. God dammit.

Literally Hitler: I did that guy. I was surprised by myself. From a small note few weeks ago I made him happen in a bit over a day. I saw few other sheets on him and none really did what I had in mind for this monster. But he works perfectly for the concept idea that someone left humanity behind in the absolute wrongest sense. While there are many evil humans in history and some are in FGO and treated "neutral", it wouldnt fit him, because the distance to his actions and the knowledge about him is ever present. He is sadly one of the most famous or rather infamous persons in history and therefore in theory one of the strongest in the Fateverse despite his recency. But at the same time he is hated like barely any other person. So a radical way to balance it out - his curse. In terms of creepy Foreigner level he is pretty much up there. If I were to ever do the ideas i have for other iterations of my Servants, he could be among them, because I kinda like the concept of using his underlings as tools. Like Heydrich something that spits the gas or Keitel as another weapon or stuff.

"Trader" was a fuck ton of work. But I am happy how he turned out. I think I will keep the style of making one sheet for the Foreigner haters and the real sheet after that. I dont know if I can keep it up with most ideas tho.

Daena: What I can do other classes? blasphemous. I made her on a whim because she sticked in my head because i like her concept as a mirror of the soul. Experimental formatting style.

Hyas: Damn I did that guy dirty. An obscure idea I had while working on Greek Mythology turned into this cruel fate.

Franklin and Ross: Their story intrigued me and I think I did a really good job portraying their connection of different levels and the concept behind Ithaqua. I had real fun creating both.
Woooh I won the contest with Franklin. Got great amounts of praise for it, I am really proud and thankful for it. I hope that I can create other cool Foreigners, despite my list of targets shrinking.

Thrud: I like her. I was able to take a blank canvas of a no name in mythology and make something interesting related to the Nasuverse. And my first Knight Class is basically all three Knight classes at once. Saber because of her hammer, Lancer because of her Nails and Archer of course how she fights.

Planned / worked at:

The One groomed to become a Beast

The Ones that stirred the flames and invited them (After more research i saw that made me interested in the entities was too recent to use. I hope my ideas can be salvaged elsewhere. One I had was discarded one day later, because Nasu made some comments about that specific context. Fuck me, dude.)

The warmonger, watched by a warmonger

The Good, The Bad, controlled by The Ugly(Some things should not be forced in)

The One Fool that did not flee

The One Genius that did flee

The Broken Man, determined to fight himself and his kind

Concepts without vision so far:

The Avatars of him

The One that dries

The One that punched a hole in the Sky

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