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My Servants so far

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Here my Servants so far so i have them in one place. Yes I do like Foreigner, I make a story around that and more will come. After that other stuff is in planning.

The Dreaming King, The King of Dreams:
Foreigner Sigmund Freud

His Nightmare became true after his Death:
Foreigner Edvard Munch/Dorian Gray

They should not have listened:
Foreign Archer - Florence Foster Jenkins

The Light in the Dark:
Foreigner - Amadeus (Lily)

Planned / worked at:

The One groomed to become a Beast

The One that rules over what rules our life

The Ones that stirred the flames and invited them

The One even colder than his home

The warmonger, watched by a warmonger

The Good, The Bad, controlled by The Ugly

The One Fool that did not flee

The One Genius that did flee

The Broken Man, determined to fight himself and his kind

Concepts without vision so far:

The Avatars of him

The One that dries

The One that punched a hole in the Sky

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