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Order of Seraphim the First now has a group… yay?

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After I browsed through by own glorious profile (humble I know), I noticed a distinctive lack of… everything in that little side bar. So I started joining groups. Unfortunately, poor Manaka has a dead club and no group.

(See how sad she is?)

So I made my own: The Holy Order of Seraphim the First! It's a public group, so you can all join the Order on your own, but some of you from the original thread may find an invite in your inbox.
I personally feel that Manaka Sajyou is an underrated character. Not necessarily my favorite character, but she and the other Prototype characters definitely deserve some more attention.

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  1. Kieran's Avatar
    I can't say I disagree with that, and Manaka herself opens up some interesting possibilities, storywise - though I admit, I'm only passingly familiar with Prototype. Still, perhaps I should look into joining . . .?