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One of my hobbies and biggest interests are gods, one may say mythology in general, but i never really cared about the stories of herakles, cu chulainn and co. I was fascinated by the gods and their stories.
My first servants I actually drafted were gods and when i started to use this forum i found the lovecraft mythos for myself and try to complete sheets on the entities i think are the most appealing to me. Regardless my original goal was to craft a story that Nasu may not tell, he may not have interest in, but I do.
I have a whole background story for a continent in terms of mythology in theory ready, but I keep it stored away until i gained more experience in crafting sheets and deeper understanding of the concept behind Nasus world.
But for a start i will begin with the Atlantic/Greek gods. Inspired by an interaction in the CaS thread, the Oneiroi(Morpheus) Sheet from the Dreamer Contest and me using the concept of those machine gods as part of my next Foreigner sheet, I decided to look at the Titans, that started it all for me. My interest in gods and their weird concepts of what we call here authorities.

The Twelve Titans as raw concepts from Mythology:

Cronus, father of the Olympians, ruler of the universe, fertility god, often conflated with Chronos, the god of time

Rhea, mother of the gods, she kept Zeus hidden from his husband-brother so he may not be devoured. May be a "newer" version of Gaia, associated with mountains and lions.

Okeanos, the sea father, the great river that encircles the earth, father of thousands of entities with his wife-sister Tethys.

Tethys, she can be considered the sea mother, she birthed over 6000 gods/nymphs. Said to have harbored Hera a while during the Titanomachia.

Iapetos, "The piercer". His offspring was Prometheus, Epimetheus, Atlas and Menoetius, said to be ancestors of humanity in some sense and that theyre the origin of some of special characteristics of humans. He and his other brothers dont have many mythological references.

Themis, her name is almost a own definition of a concept. She embodies order, laws, custom and therefore in a sense civilization. She bears the Scales of Justice too, in Nasuverse perhaps a predecessor of Astraea?

Hyperion, the god of watchfulness, wisdom and light (light, sun and the blue sky were in a sense separate in the world of the greeks), father of the sun, moon and dawn with his sister-wife Theia.

Theia, the goddess of sight, as greeks believed for a time that light comes from our eyes so thats what we see. Therefore she gave gold and gems their value.

Kreios, obscure Titan, name meaning "the ram", related to the constellation Aries. his constellation marked the start of a new year. He is the ancestor of stars and winds.

Mnemosyne, titaness of memory and rememberance. Mother of the muses. Said she gifted poets and kings with words in a sense, may just mean she is patron of oratory gifted people.

Koios, another relatively obscure Titan. His name can be translated to "knowledge and questioning". His roman name Polos means "celestial axis", meaning he embodies the axis on which the heaven revolves. Therefore can be considered a god of earthly wisdom, like real science.

Phoibe, she is is related to prophecy and spiritual wisdom. She and her offspring are related to oracles. That includes Hekate and Leto and her children Artemis and Apollon. Together with her husband-brother considered a pair representing all knowledge/wisdom.

Now to the Nasuverse bullshit.
While mythologically incorrect, i paired them all up with each other to pairs that represent a certain task that are in style related to what we know of the current machine designations.
I present them in descending order from "makes sense" to "bit wacky in concept".


Like Poseidon I envision Okeanos like a terraforming and exploration unit. He encircled the globe, because he was everywhere at once to explore the regions.
While Tethys may be considered the sea mother and birthed like crazy, in this work i dont envision her as a production unit, but as a deployment unit. She deployed the existing subunits that are now considered river gods and nymphs and and managed them. She had a tactical and organisatory role. Something like a fleet commander.


Of course Cronus is the flagship and tasked with fighting and as the leader tasked with deciding and setting the course. He is the destroyer type and ruler of this generation. Rhea is more interesting. As the mother of the gods/Olympians, the ones that in the end won, she was the Architect of the next generation. She is architect and producer of new units. The truth behing the "Cronus eats his children" story is she did her job, created concepts for new and better units to succeed, but Cronus was against it and "devoured" them. She then hid her best new model, Zeus, and the rest is history.


As the parents of the Sun and Moon they represent like Artemis in the LB, the outer defense system. Hyperion is the Watcher from above. The concept of the wise sun god is common, related to "they see all and therefore know all". Theia sees too and she is the one evaluating the "threat" or "worth" of opponents or planets. This team can be considered the ones that find a new planet and the Okeanos team is then send out to explore it more.


Themis embodies rules and i relate her to the system that checks for bugs and controls the internal logic of the gods. Themis is said to have be an advisor for Zeus as well and was feared and respected, it makes sense that she has much power as she could temper the protocols like Zeus did in the LB.
Iapetos is the predecessor of the smithing gods, so I guess he is too. He is a smith and repairs the physical body of the ships. Together they in charge of maintenance for the soft- and hardware.
Like Prometheus they are the ones with the most "empathy" for sapients and are the ones in task to make contact with them. They could be considered Negotiators.


Of course Mnemosyne is a Data Storage system, being tasked with creating protocols of what happened and collecting and saving the data that were send from the other teams. She is tasked with Data, while Kreios is more concerned with physical things that needed to be stored. The wind gods that have their origin from him were related to his ability to carry ressources into the storages of the fleet. Because they are the best connected with all other units, they know the internal infrastructure the best and are especially proficient in optimizing and ressource management.
Kreios is additionally another fighter type unit, being a fast mobile unit during combat if the outer line of defense is breached and Cronus needs help. This aspects were inherited by Hecate in terms of "magical" combat (more like ranged combat) and the physical combat inherited to the Titan of War Pallas and his offspring, the spirits of Victory, Rivalry, Strength and Power. The remains of his victims were then carried by his "winds" to the storage.


Because both embody the concept of certain Knowledge, just make them that. Because Phoebe was associated with oracles, she predicts outcomes based on the data she is fed. With that data she can recreate a conceptual field around them to mimic the surroundings, basically making them invisible. Phoebe is a camouflage unit and acts as a stealth unit. That ability was inherited by Leto, the titaness, that vanished after her job as supposed bearer of the twins
was successful. Koios representing the axis represents his position in the middle of the fleet. They are able to share their knowledge with Sapients if contact with them was successful, making them educational terminals as well. Both are very obscure, I guess their job is as well. Ideas are welcome if there is a role missing that coul fit for them
In honor of the Oneiroi(Morpheus) from GilgameshKingOfMemes, because i like this sheet, the prediction would then get passed down to him so he simulates it for testing.

What came before them? In mythology the protogenoi, the first born spawned from Chaos. I am thinking of conflating those roles even further for them, so the development history shows the transition from Generalists to Specialists.
I need to look up what was said about the generation of Uranus to make a certain call. My first idea would be to make them maybe separate, as it is stated that the titans (the described generation) split from chaos. Maybe they consider the Uranos Generation as titans as well. When i found the necessary infos i may do a follow-up of them as under this concept I have something in mind for my next sheet.
So what i found from reddit is that a small fleet commanded by Cronus was able to break through the Tannhäuser Gate, therefore the Protogenoi dont exist in our part of the Universe, but could actually do, else the stories might not have survived. Therefore I could create even broader units from which the Titans split of.

Regarding the Olympians, they have several authorities that were shared by Titans they dont share "blood" with. I think that they were even more mechanical than the Olympians and let Cronus have free reign over their authorities, which Rhea was able to integrate in her next generation "children".

Hades gained the maintanance and camouflage part, hermes the infrastructural part, Dionysos probably a bugged version of the Data authorities, Athena the tactical and logic part, Ares the backup and combat aspect, apollon besides his shooter authority the ability with words as well, as he basically inherited Mnemosynes children. Stuff like that, that was my logic behind creating the Titans, their powers are integrated into the olympians.
Hestia is tricky, maybe something like the contact and stuff.

Oh and because i like Selene/Helios/Eos and dislike the later absorbtion of them into Artemis/Apollon and that confirmation by the alteration of Clyties story, I wanna believe they existed, but they were technically Titans and their authorities were taken by Artemis and Apollon.
Eos in mechanical terms...maybe a danger detection unit. The sky turned red to warn stuff. Just a quick idea.

Ideas how to improve my concepts and ideas for other significant greek/roman gods are very welcome...
If anyone ever reads this.

The Protogenoi, the Generation before the Titans.

This is just for fun, it should barely have any influence on any canon stuff.
Humanity has vague concepts of what the greek gods occasionally told them, but to honor those, that their gods honored, they remember them as the gods of the gods, the first born, the protogenoi.

There lived Gaia, the Energy Generation and Storing Center. As the most important unit in the early development, she guaranteed the functioning of the other fleets, in essence their life. Because she nurtured them all, she is remembered as the Earth Mother.

There waited Erebos, the Flagship of the Ressource Fleet, tasked with acquiring, using and recycling ressources needed for various tasks. The concept wasnt understood or misinterpreted and Erebos was later remembered as the embodiment of Darkness, being the Darkness in the earth, through which the souls walk first before entering Hades itself. The aspect of gathering remains can still be found.

There fought Tartaros, the Flagship of the Enforcing Fleet. One of the two fighting fleets, not sure what the destinction between his and the Fleet of Nyx was, but he was tasked more with internal fights. Maybe the police force so to speak. That aspect of punishing is still strongly remembered as he is now the embodiment of the deepest part of the underworld, where the most vile criminals are punished.

There crazed Nyx, The Flagship of Annihilation Fleet, tasked simply with warfare. By the Titans and through them by the gods too, feared for her unfathomable military might. Some of her underlings accompanied the fleet of Cronus on their way through the Tannhäuser Gate for various tasks, some besides combat as well. Despite that, it did not hurt her combat power in the slightest. The size of her fleet so large, they could darken the light of a nearby star and her power alone to destroy any other flagship with ease. Therefore she is remembered as the mother of several evils that plague humanity, the night and is feared by even Zeus himself despite never having met her.

There worked Eros, the Flagship of the Technician Fleet, tasked with the functioning of the fleet in both hard- and software. In the oldest works he is not just love, but procreation and life itself, ensuring that the gods even have the desire to function and breed. To ensure that this is ensured even with him away, a smaller terminal was added to the Cronus fleet. Later this little terminal was started to be revered and is now the Eros/Cupid we know.

There watched Aether, the Flagship of the Observation Fleet, tasked with gazing through the cosmos and analyzing anything in it. Basically one entity in several bodies, as the ships shared all their senses in real time to analyze. Tremendous calculation power. One such body was send with the Cronus fleet so the other flagships may know what is happening behind the gate. Described as someone who observed from above, he was remembered as the personification of the upper sky itself, the realm of the gods.

There traveled Hemera, the name of the messenger Fleet, tasked with conveying information between the fleets despite their distance. Not much is known about her, she was described as the one who enlightened the gods and was therefore deified as the day itself.

There rules Uranos, the Commander of all other Fleets, the second in Command, the Massive Mothership. Being the Ruling Flagship he had immense authoritative powers and control over all others. For the transition of the Tannhäuser Gate, he split of parts of him and created the Cronus Fleet, the Fleet to cross the gate. After successful transition Cronus took large amounts of damage, which influenced his rationality, including avoiding the transition to newer models, designed by his partner Rhea. This bug led to the before established history to take place.

During their journey the civilization that once build them was gone, connection lost and finding a match to fulfill their duty despite that was long unfruitful. Some of the members of fleet didnt make it, too large were damages or bugs. One crashlanded just 65 light years before the fleet found the 78% match of the conditions. Aether was therefore just remembered in the tales of gods.

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